Discover Osaka, half day

Explore the Osaka of today and yesterday, on a walk through time

The opinion of Japan Experience

A tour that allows travellers who are pressed for time to explore the city, with 2 main themes to the visit: Japan of the past and Japan today, from small streets bordered with logos and flashing neon signs to the terraces of skyscrapers from where we can see the city under its future horizons and very different aspects. 

Your Travel Angel's plus

Only people who genuinely love this city can show visitors around effectively. Yann has been living in Osaka for 15 years, so he knows better than anyone where to go and what to do!


The activity takes place from approximately 10am to 2pm, or from 2pm to 6pm, but the times can be altered.

If you don't have much time but nevertheless want to get to know the unique city of Osaka, then this tour is tailor-made for you! With a rich heritage specific to the region, Osaka is a cultural patchwork and is as much a living mixture of contrasts and people as it is of tastes. Geographically in the middle of Japan and at the crossroads between different elements of Japanese culture, Osaka stands apart as a place, even for the Japanese, and is worthy of more than a quick visit.

The city is the third biggest in Japan in terms of population and size, and despite the mockery about the dialect its inhabitants use by its (undoubtedly jealous) rival cities, Tokyo and Kyoto, Osaka has managed to keep its identity and soul.

Despite its position and the austere sounding nickname of the "city of business", it remains an example of Japanese dynamism.

Since its historical origin, around the 6th century, at the start of Shitenno-ji's history (the oldest administered temple in Japan), the city has developed thanks to commerce, between land, sea and exchanges via water transport - bridges, rivers and sea inlets are omnipresent. Water is one of the main elements of Osaka, even if it's not always visible because of the architectural anarchy upon which the city was rebuilt. You're never far from water in Osaka.

It's a walk through time and through the city's labyrinthine streets that's is on offer during this activity, which lasts a few hours; the idea is to walk through several time periods and to see those little details that few people spot, to smell the aromas of the city but also to enjoy the unique atmosphere and a few of its hidden delights here and there, via an alley or pathway.  And to snack as well, taste its many specialities which, in general, delight everyone who tries them: Osaka is Japan's gastronomic capital with good reason…                                                   


Your guide will send and e-mail arranging to meet you directly at your hotel or at the station where you are arriving.
There is an extra charge for every additional person in groups of more than 4. Full price also applies to children.