2-day hike with a bivouac

Into the heart of a wild natural environment

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Yakushima, an island south of Kyushu in Kagoshima Prefecture, is one of the best UNESCO World Heritage sites in Japan. This is due to its wild sub-tropical vegetation that attracts a large number of hikers and nature lovers.

Our article on Yakushima and our tour to discover Yakushima.

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Maxime has been living and working in Kagoshima Prefecture for almost 10 years. His love of the mountain together with his origins led him to settle in Yakushima where he works as a guide in addition to his activities in the fields of woodworking, architecture and furniture.

He is therefore well equipped to accompany you on your journey through the ancient trees and steep slopes.


Yakushima Island is a large granite rock with a diameter of 30 kilometres. The island is unique in many ways.

Reaching 1936 meters, it is the highest point in southern Japan and it has a variety of climates that allow the development of alpine or sub-tropical plants, including many endemic species. The most emblematic are perhaps the Yakusugi, imposing multi-millennial conifers that can be found at high altitudes.

To ensure the preservation of its ecosystems, the central part of the island has been classified since 1993 as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, in addition to the national park.

Accompanied by Maxime, according to your wishes and your walker profiles (not to mention the weather conditions), you will explore Yakushima on a 2-day hike, first in the heart of the forest and then crossing the alpine area to the highest point of the island (2 days of walking, spending the night in a hut or a tent).

Positive elevation gain: 800 to 1,200 meters
Duration of the walk: First day: 6 to 8 hours - Second day: 7 to 9 hours

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IMPORTANT: The price indicated on the website is the price up to 2 people. 
From the 3rd person, the additional cost is 20 000 yen per person.

A private group of 3 is: 90 000 yen
A private group of 4 is: 11 000 yen

Prices include transportation from the hotel or another meeting point, any applicable fees for admission to the park and 4 meals (at noon, the first evening, the next morning and noon).

Bring waterproof clothing, walking shoes and a 500 ml bottle (to be filled on site). A list of specific equipment for the bivouac will be given to you.

All of the necessary equipment (shoes, waterproof clothing, sleeping kits, etc.) can be rented on the island and booked by your guide.

Each participant must show that they have travel insurance including coverage for mountain walking activities, including search and rescue.

To confirm a reservation, it is necessary to provide the name and the age of each participant, any special diets or food intolerances as well as any contraindications or specific health issues.

Options for 6 people available on request.