Earthquake Simulation Centre

Natural disaster training centre for information and preparation.

Bosaikan in Ikebukuro, a centre for natural disaster prevention

The Life Safety Learning Center, or "Bosaikan" in its original version, is a risk prevention and first aid centre located in Ikebukuro, Tokyo. Here you can learn about various natural disasters in a safe and fun way, as the centre is run by the fire service.

Earthquake simulator

There are fire simulators, training in first aid, and the most popular is the earthquake simulator, which goes up to magnitude. Indeed, everyone knows that Japan is an earthquake-prone country, and even though the majority of them are not felt, it can be useful to have the right reflexes. You will come out of this tour prepared and reassured. The tour is in Japanese, but the presence of visuals and actions makes the content understandable.


Earthquake Simulation Centre

4,00 € per person
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