Edo Gardens

Travel back to the Edo period (1603-1868) and discover ancient Tokyo by visiting two to three of the capital's beautiful gardens in one morning. Beautiful all year round, these serene havens make you forget the hectic city around you.

The secret of Japanese gardens

Crafted by master gardeners following the introduction of the principle of alternate residence, which required lords to have a home in the capital, these gardens were designed to be admired and at the same time useful for the lords' leisure activities, including tea houses and hunting grounds.

A guided tour of nature

Bridges, water ponds, lanterns and tea pavilions form picturesque scenes that your guide will show you in the early morning light. This tour, perfectly suited to families, invites you to discover these gardens while taking time to soak up their atmosphere. This morning of discovery is also an introduction to Tokyo's monuments dating from the Edo era as well as the city's various museums. Choose from two gardens, Hama-rikyu and Koishikawa Kôraku-en, and take a tour of one or two additional gardens (Kyu Shiba-rikyu, Kiyosumi, or Rikugi-en), for a visit at your own pace.


Edo Gardens

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