Iriomote 西表

  • Published on : 28/09/2020
  • by : Japan Experience

Iriomote Island is the largest island of the Yaeyama Islands (Yaeyama-shoto), the group of 19 sub-tropical islands in the deep south western waters of Okinawa Prefecture (Ryukyu Islands).

Iriomote Beaches

Hoshinozuna Beach on the northern tip of Iriomote is noted for its star-sand (hoshizuna) made up of the skeletons of tiny sea creatures.

Nakano Beach is a lovely strand of golden sand very close to Uehara Town and has a camp site.

Funauki Beach is possibly Japan's most beautiful beach reached by boat from Shirahama.

The beaches on Iriomote are relatively undeveloped and care should be taken while swimming or snorkeling especially of the potentially fatal habu jellyfish.

Swimmers on a beach on Iriomote Island

Iriomote Island

terakoyant from Pixabay

Coral reefs under the water off Iriomote

Coral reefs off Iriomote

Hiroko Yoshii on Unsplash

Coral reefs through the clear water of Iriomote Island

Iriomote Island Okinawa

Hiroko Yoshii on Unsplash

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