Renting a car in Japan

In Japan, traveling by car is the ideal solution for those who wish to venture off the beaten track or who dream of a  personalized itinerary. The car provides greater proximity to the regions visited thanks to total flexibility. Nothing stops you from taking short detours, making changes to your program as you wish, making an impromptu stop at the sight of a small pottery store or a sake brewery.

What is more, driving in Japan is a breeze: most road signs are translated into English, vehicles often have a GPS, most Japanese drivers are very courteous and speed limits are relatively low. There is no reason not to try it.

Le Japon sauvage

Wild Japan

Renting a car allows you to visit a region from a different angle and enjoy magnificent and magical places away from the crowds.

Discover the most scenic roads in Japan where you can take a leisurely drive, as well as our selection of themed itineraries that allow you to explore the island at your own pace and with total peace of mind.

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Easy driving

There are no particular difficulties to driving in Japan: the signs on the main roads are in English, the signs are clear and  the roads are safe and well maintained.

The Japanese drive on the left side of the road and are generally cautious and respectful. The speed limit is 40km / hr in town, 60km / hr on country roads and 80 to 100km / hr on motorways, where many service stations will welcome you.

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GPS Navigator and Drivin 'Assistance 7 days / week, 24hrs / day

Japan Experience, in association with Nissan rent-a-car offers vehicles equipped with a  GPS in English. So there is no reason to panic, just follow the arrows.

Drivin' Assistance is also a plus to ensure your total peace of mind. Our English speaking team in Japan is there to answer your questions and to guide you in the case an emergency.

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Driving licence

In Japan, the minimum driving age is 18 years old. An International Driving Permit may be required depending on your nationality (check with your embassy). For some nationalities it is necessary to have your driving licence translated.

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Renting a car in Japan ? It's easier than it sounds with Japan Experience ! You will easily find the car best suited for your needs within our wide selection of vehicles.

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The Drivin’ assistance service is available in English and French and is proposed to all travelers planning on renting a car with us.

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