Tomonoura Port   鞆の浦

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Port Tomonoura

View of the port of Tomonoura.

Village Tomonoura

Traditional street Tomonoura.

Ponyo's hometown!

Close to the modern port of Fukuyama, the village of Tomonoura is a quiet octopus and seabream fishing village. It is here that Hayao Miyazaki settled for several months to write Ponyo (2008).

The small port of Tomonoura is a good starting point for a tour, on foot or by bike (rental frmo the Ferry Terminal). In the morning, you can stroll and watch the fishermen unload last night's catch or mend their nets, or have a quick glance at the neighboring island of Sensui-jima, with the old stone lighthouse (1863). In May, it was here that the fishing season is in full swing.

Nearby is the Ota House, an old store owned by a wealthy family of the same name in 1791, which is now  a nice museum. Here you can learn of the rise of the local nobility thanks to sake distilleries before climbing the hill overlooking the port and which exceeds the Taichôrô Temple (or Fukuzenji, 1690), where once prayed Korean emissaries.

Back to the port, where a 5-minute ferry takes you to Sensui-jima, lovely island to end the day with hiking, the beach, and Kokokara onsen.

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