Enoshima Aquarium   江ノ島水族館

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Very informative, the aquarium helps explain the exploration of the seabed

There are many jellyfish at the aquarium

Jellyfish at the Museum

Here sardines dance, but they are not canned. Dolphins, penguins, sharks... the underwater life here is in no way inferior to life on land.

The history of Enoshima is imbued with legends related to its proximity to the ocean, the wonders of which are glorified in this fantastic aquarium.

A reflection of Sagami Bay's ecosystem, here visitors witness - with the help of humans - how penguins and dolphins work together to offer the most beautiful natural water features of the region.

Science and entertainment

The collection of jellyfish is impressive, and the recent 3D mapping projection system makes them appear even more wonderful, by allowing us to completely immerse ourselves in the thousands of marine species in the aquarium through a course designed for all audiences.

Sagami Bay is known for its variety of species, but it is also a fun visit as a scientific discovery, through a mix of entertainment and science. Moreover, it is here that we find a space dedicated to research carried out by Emperor Hirohito (1901-1989) himself on Gobiidae.

Rare experience: It is possible to touch certain species in some tanks, as well as get a taste of fried eel by buying shirasu-don: a bowl of fish and fresh vegetables.

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