Enoshima Island Spa   江の島アイランドスパ

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An outdoor pool at Enoshima Island Spa, overlooking the sea.

An indoor bath at Enoshima Island Spa

View at dusk from the outside bath at Enoshima Island Spa.

Nothing but happiness

Enoshima Island has been a place of worship and legends since antiquity. Its proximity to Tokyo, its old-fashioned charm, and the splendid views of the coast, Mount Fuji, and the surrounding mountains that it offers, all make it a popular tourist destination. For over ten years, Enoshima has had another attraction: Enospa. Halfway between a traditional and modern onsen spa, at Enospa you can relax while enjoying the magnificent views.

Visit Enoshima Island Spa to relax after visiting the island of Enoshima, or choose to spend the entire day there, enjoying a completely different atmosphere from that of the capital. Immerse yourself with delight in the baths, all filled with spring water drawn from a depth of 1,500 meters.

The complex includes a small pool, jacuzzis and whirlpools, a sauna (try it when they burn aromatic herbs), indoor and outdoor pools, massage rooms and a bar/restaurant. The outdoor pools on the first and second floors overlook the sea and have wonderful views of the coast, and in clear weather Mount Fuji can be seen looming in the distance.

Designed to be a place of relaxation, mobile phones, cameras and other electronic items are banned, and must be left in the cloakroom. Similarly, children under six years old are not admitted, and Sundays are reserved only for those over the age of twelve. So don't plan on taking your kids for a day there! Finally, as in many onsen, tattoos are strictly prohibited.

Let us guide you

After removing your shoes at the entrance and putting them in one of the lockers provided, take your locker key and enter the reception area. Here, your key number is recorded because it serves as a "pass". Just show it if you eat something (there are small cafes here and there), and then pay when you leave. So there's no need to walk around with your wallet.

The staff speak English, and will explain in detail the rules of the spa and how it works, and then give you a bag containing a bath towel, a hand towel and a bathrobe. Bathing suits are mandatory (you can rent one for 540 yen) except for in enclosed bathroom spaces (with large communal baths) that have a female side and a male side, like the onsen (hot springs). They also have a great view. If you're feeling shy, or simply don't want to share the bathing area, there are individual shower stalls too.

At the restaurant/bar on the 4th floor you can enjoy lunch, dinner or sip a drink while admiring the landscape. A magical moment.

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