The Kamakura Top Ten   鎌倉のトップ10

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Kamakura Daibutsu

The Daibutsu at Kotoku-in.

The rock garden at Jomyoji

Karamon gate at Eisho-ji

An outdoor pool at Enoshima Island Spa, overlooking the sea.

Tips from Isabelle, our local Travel Angel

Landmarks and byways: Isabelle, our Travel Angel in Kamakura, reveals her top 10 things to do there.

An hour by train from Tokyo, Kamakura, green and serene, offers a string of temples scattered between forest, mountain and ocean. Don't miss:

  • The majestic Tsurugaoka Hachiman-gu shrine, which has overlooked the city since 1180 when Minamoto no Yoritomo moved to Kamakura and made it the political capital of Japan.
  • The Daibutsu: this huge bronze statue of the Great Buddha has sat impassive for nearly 800 years. He has become the symbol of Kamakura.
  • The many Zen temples of Kamakura, including Engakuji and its greenery.
  • The Zen temple Kenchoji, the largest temple in the city and one of the oldest Zen temples in Japan.

For a more peaceful visit away from the crowds:

  • Visit Eishoji for its beautiful wooden buildings and small bamboo grove.
  • Goryo Jinja (also called Gongoro Jinja) is located near Hase-dera Temple, yet far less visited. The small Shinto shrine is entirely made of wood and very picturesque.
  • Sugimoto-dera, the oldest temple in Kamakura. Perched atop a hill, its rustic atmosphere is very different from that of other temples of the city.
  • Komiyo-ji temple: a haven of peace. In summer, the pond is covered with lotus. It's also close to the beach where, weather permitting, one has a magnificent view of Enoshima island and Mount Fuji.

Right next to Kamakura:

  • Enoshima, for its breathtaking views of the coast and mountains in the distance, its quaint old-fashioned side and its famous spa.

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