Unusual Kyoto   京都 穴場

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Sarasa Nishijin

Sarasa Nishijin restaurant entrance.


Nishijin Textile Center.


Fitting kimono.

Toei Uzumasa Eigamura

Shooting in studio Toei Uzumasa Eigamura.

Ninja show in Toei Studios, Uzumasa Eigamura

Ninja show in Toei Studios, Uzumasa Eigamura

The Unknown Side of Kyoto

Kyoto is truly an amazing city, and not just for its traditional wooden houses steeped in history. The ancient buildings stand alongside modern urban areas all while circling prestigious universities: there is much more to discover than your guidebook lets on!

  • Machiya Cafes 

The importance of preserving traditional Kyoto houses is widely recognized, and today, many residents are trying to restore, refurbish or completely renovate them.

Many of these beautiful buildings have turned into cafes, each with a unique style. Although it is not a machiya, Sarasa Nishijin is among these converted institutions. This former bathhouse is now a casual restaurant. But inside, the bathroom tiles and other decorations like faucets still remain.

  • Nishijin kimonos

Visit the Nishijin Textile Centre to live a kimono experience.

The catwalk that crosses the center of the lobby is often used for kimonos fashion shows. Here you can discover beautiful models in traditional Japanese dress.

Or if you prefer, go behind the scenes and try a kimono on yourself!

Experts from the center will help you select and put on a kimono of your choosing. If you're feeling really adventurous, you can try on the 12-layer kimono of a Heian princess!

  • For more fittings ...

Gion district is home to many places where you can be dressed as a maiko.

Packages range from a quick photo session to an outdoor experience. As you walk through the streets of Gion in full costume, use the old capital as a backdrop for memorable photos.

  • Deeper into the past

Visit the studio Toei Uzumasa Eigamura and discover the sets of historical dramas.

Strolling between streets and buildings from the Edo period, you can also sometimes see one of these dramas being filmed, or a ninja show in the park!

  • The Ninja experience

Nijo Jinya is not well known to visitors.

This old private residence offers visitors its secrets and traps that have earned it the nickname "ninja house."

Visits are by reservation only and require an interpreter for non-Japanese, but why not take advantage of the knowledge of one of our Travel Angels to guide you?

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