Arimatsu District   有松

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Traditional houses in Arimatsu

Shibori dyeing

Shibori dyeing.

Colors of Edo

Traditional houses and quality dyes: discover the authentic Arimatsu District in the southeast of Nagoya!

The ancient village of Arimatsu was among the few sites in Nagoya spared from the bombings of the Second World War. Now a historical district of Nagoya, Arimatsu makes it possible to relive the atmosphere and charm of the streets of the Edo period (1603-1868) with its traditional wooden houses. Among them, the Takeda house, the most imposing of all, which belonged to a wealthy family of shibori traders .

Above all, the district owes its fame to the quality of its dyes. Arimatsu is indeed the birthplace of shibori, a special dyeing technique that consists of tying the fabric in knots to obtain all kinds of patterns, usually in blue and white.

The Museum of shibori dyeing allows you to discover and try (by appointment) this local specialty, which is a long-term endeavour.

Another architectural curiosity of Arimatsu: the kura! Granaries intended to protect goods from theft and fire, which are distinguished by their thick and solid earth walls covered with plaster and their reinforced shutters.

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