Ayamuya   あやむ屋

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A bill as rich as the yakitori

From the outset, the scene is set. Behind this attractive storefront in a quiet street of Osaka, what are probably the best yakitori, grilled chicken skewers, in town are cooked, Amamuya has been awarded the only Michelin star in Osaka that the famous guide has granted to yakitori restaurants .

Here, the master of the establishment and staff are aware of their reputation and the quality of their products, so they serve dutifully and professionally, but not warmly. The important thing here is on the plate.

The chef prepares his dishes with Jidori Tanba: free range chicken raised in a natural setting and using non-industrial methods, on a farm two hours from Osaka, they are transported every day to preserve the quality of the meat. They are cooked on charcoal before being finely salted and soaked in soy sauce tare - you can order them plain or with a different sauce.

Each piece is grilled again to brown the sauce coating, the finishing touch for a perfectly seared skewer. Forget the bill for a moment and enjoy the food and decor, which is pretty nice.

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