Windows on the World   ウインドーズ オン ザ ワールド

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Windows on the World restaurant

View from the restaurant 'Windows on the World'.

A buffet at the top

A breathtaking view of Osaka, its buildings, its colors ... foreign businessmen as well as tourists from all different horizons, occupy the tables at Windows on the World.

Located on the 35th floor of the Hilton Hotel, in a luxurious decor, this restaurant with its dishes from Japan, China and other Asian countries will delight the most demanding: spicy salads, a variety of noodles, mixed chicken dishes (fried, roasted, braised, in broth), beef, fresh produced cooked in a stew, steamed or in sauce, without forgetting the tofu you will find in many different forms!

Soft drinks and dessert are included in the price, you will also find dishes and set menus especially for children.

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