Murasaki   むらさき

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Murasaki Restaurant in Takayama

Murasaki restaurant dishes.

Beer station!

If you just arrived in Takayama, why not take a break before you embark on a sightseeing tour. A short walk from the station, your salvation is called Murasaki.

Whether you just arrived or you are about to leave Takayama, you will always find something to comfort you at Murasaki. A friendly and popular pub that welcomes all travelers with enthusiasm, whether they are from the archipelago or not. Foreigners are welcome here and even pampered. There is a English menu with pictures and waiters speak the language of Shakespeare. Advantages in a country where it is sometimes difficult to be understood.

This izakaya, the equivalent of a bistro offers a refreshing alternative to pubs and restaurants. At Murasaki there is no fuss. You can drink a Japanese beer while nibbling grilled cheese sticks or Hotteok, a kind of stuffed Korean pancakes.

The address is not recommended for those seeking tranquility. With its popularity, Murasaki has lot of customers, some become very talkative after a couple of drinks, which should of course be consumed with moderation.

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