The Goto Islands 五島列島

  • Published on : 19/03/2018
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On the edge of Japan


The Goto Islands are an unknown, distant, almost abandoned Japan, that of reclusive Christians who were called "hidden Christians". These Japanese Christians who fled persecution between the 17th and 19th centuries and hid in these remote lands. Solitary churches dominate the hills and in the half-deserted villages, one could believe that today's inhabitants are also hiding.




This island is best known for the Egami Church , created in 1918 by famous church architect Yosuke Tetsukawa. This small building with off-white wooden walls and blue shuttered windows is rightly the pride of Naru-shima. Declared a national cultural property, the church is part of the list submitted to UNESCO by the Nagasaki prefecture.

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l'église Egami, Naru-shima

Egami Church, Naru-shima

Indiana jo, Wikimedia

L'église Nakanoura, Nakadori-shima, Goto

Nakanoura Church, Nakadori-shima, Goto


Paysage typique des îles Goto : la vierge Marie entourée de verdure

Typical landscape of the Goto Islands: the Virgin Mary surrounded by greenery


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    FUKUE-SHIMA: By plane: From Nagasaki 30 minutes. From Fukuoka 45 minutes. By ferry: From Nagasaki 3h30. By airboat: Kyushu Shosen Jet Foil 1h30. NAKADORI-JIMA: By airboat: From Nagasaki 1h15. By express boat: From Nagasaki 1h40.From Sasebo 1h20.By ferry: From Sasebo 2h30.

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