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Sugimoto-dera Kamakura

Sugimoto-dera Temple

With its mossy steps, thatched roof, and pennants, the oldest temple in Kamakura is reminiscent of the temples lost in the countryside or in the Japanese mountains.

Hokokuji - The Bamboo Temple

Also nicknamed Takedera (bamboo temple), Hokokuji is one of the many Zen temples of Kamakura. A temple rarely visited by foreign tourists, but rich in wonder.

Zeniarai Benzaiten, the Hidden Temple

Hidden in the wooded area around the Great Buddha , accessible by one of the many hiking paths of Kamakura , is Zeniarai Benzaiten, the temple of the miraculous source and carrier of wealth.

Map Hasedera temple

Hase-dera Temple

In 736, the miraculous return of the statue of Kannon to the shore of Kamakura after fifteen years of absence, gave rise to Hase-dera Temple...