Articles for Restaurants et cafés in Kanazawa


Restaurant Amatsubo


Kanazawa is known for being a paradise for seafood lovers. Amatsubo restaurant will attest to do this in the finest way.

German restaurant Pilsen


The land of Goethe's invites itself in the Katamachi district of Kanazawa. Beer, sausage and sauerkraut can be had at Pilsen.

Sign of Hamamatsu restaurant


Gourmet fragrances fill up the small streets of Kanazawa. They come to meet hungry visitors and attract them to this place where one of the star dishes of Japanese cuisine is prepared: unagi.

Oden Restaurant Miyuki Honten

Oden Miyuki Honten

Although fish is savored with passion in Kanazawa, it is rarely prepared in a stew. Except perhaps at Oden Miyuki Honten. It is sure to warm your heart and your plate.

Pastry Murakami

Murakami Wagashi

Traditional French pastries might be exceptional, but the Japanese know-how is not far behind. Japanese sweets, or wagashi, can whet the appetite of all sweet-lovers.

Chopsticks Café Shirubei

Chopsticks Café Shirubei

The fish is in a delicate situation at Chopstick Café. Cold on the ice, it is taken by surprise by the flame of a blowtorch.

Izakaya Uoyaki Itaru

Uoyaki Itaru

Where can you quench your thirst and satisfy your hunger if not at Uoyaki Itaru?