Articles for Restaurants und Cafés in Koyasan


Bon On Shya

Vegetarian food, tea and coffee, ceramics exhibitions ... plus they speak four languages!

Bon’onsha International Cafe

Bononsha International Cafe

Restaurant Hamadaya


"Pure water and the pure heart of the cheese maker: without this, the tofu won't be good" dixit the IMAI family in Japanese Seasons, Nicole-Lise Bernheim (1999)

Inoue restaurant dish


Restaurant Miyasan


The spiritual food of Koyasan is not necessarily enough to sustain everyone. For the more down to earth, there is Miyasan.

Restaurant Maruman


If hunger gets you during your visit of Koyasan, don't worry. Many local restaurants will welcome you with pleasure. Especially Maruman. Recognizable by its well-stocked window.

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