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Shoseien park


Hôte du temple Higashi Honganji, Shoseien offre à ses visiteurs une quiétude certaine...

Park Imperial Palace

Kyoto Imperial Palace Park

It's been several centuries since the country's emperors walked these paths. Since the transfer of the capital to Tokyo in 1868, now regular folk can enjoy the charms of the park.

Katsura Villa

Katsura Villa

A discreet and elusive beauty, harmony between pavilions and compositions master gardeners characterize this architectural masterpiece occupying an important place in Japanese arts.



Quandvient le printemps, le cerisier centenaire du parc se pare de milliers depétales roses pour le ravissement des promeneurs.

The Daichi-ji boat.

Daichi-ji garden

Amidst lush vegetation stands the Daichi-ji zen temple.

Kyoto Botanical Garden covers 24,000 square meters and houses more than 12,000 different varieties of plants.

Kyoto Botanical Garden

Plants, meandering paths near tiny bodies of water, old women with weather skin and big hats, and elegant gentlemen sitting for hours on the benches in the park: Welcome to the Kyoto botanical gard

Villa Shugaku-in

Villa Shugaku-in

On the hills to the east of Kyoto is the discreet Shugaku-in. Built between 1655 and 1659, this imperial villa near the palace city spreads its three levels of gardens in a beautiful setting.