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The Byodo-in Temple

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, recently renovate in 2014, the Byodo-in is located in the center of the small town of Uji, not far from Kyoto.


Kinkaku-ji, the Golden Pavilion Kyoto

In the shadow of Kyoto's northwestern hills, sits a jewel of the ancient capital: Rokuon-ji temple, better known as Kinkakuji, or the Golden Pavilion.

Shisen-do Temple


Kyoto in its hunger for land has long since swallowed the village of Ichijo-ji. And yet, the neighborhood has never lost its village spirit.

Kokedera Temple

Saihoji / Kokedera: Moss Temple

Plants mark the passing of seasons. Here, nearly one hundred and twenty varieties of moss have created a color palette of infinite varieties of yellow and green. Welcome to the Temple of Moss.



Small and lost amongst a dozen similar temples, the large Nanzenji Temple only stands out thanks to its garden.

Silver Pavilion


With its harmonious landscapes and refined architecture, the beauty of Ginkakuji surpasses that of the Golden Pavilion in the hearts of many Japanese ...

Kennin temple

Kennin-ji temple

Around a street corner in Gion, the Kenninji invites you to meditate. A temple with beautiful gardens, in April it hosts a celebration in in honor of a Zen master.


Yasaka Jinja

Of modest appearance, Yasaka-jinja still charms with its pale lanterns that warm hearts when evening comes.

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