Spend the Day with a Travel Angel

Because Japan can still feel like a very distant country, it is sometimes difficult to go it alone on your Japanese adventure. 

Our Travel Angels (French-speaking and English-speaking) can accompany you for a private visit as you discover Japan for yourself. 

Thier intimate knowledge of Japan, its inhabitants, and its attractions will allow you to to fully discover what moves you most about Japan. 

Optimal Conditions to Discover Japan

Visit Tokyo or Kyoto with a private guide in order to optimise both your time and energy.

Avoid getting lost on the transportation system and looking at your map more than you look at the scenery around you. 

Our Travel Angels have been chosen for their kindness, their common sense, and their love of sharing their knowledeg about Japan. 


Why choose a Japan Experience Private Guide

The theme of your day is sharing.

Your Private Guide will share not only his/her knowledge of the history and culture of Japan, but also about every day Japanese life, including anecdotes of his or her own experiences of life in Japan. 

S/he will also help you to discover the unusual places and customs of Tokyo or Kyoto.
Spend the day with one of our Travel Angels for the opportunity to create your own special bond with Japan, while maintaining freedom and flexibility during your trip.



Explore Kyoto with Daniel

Daniel creates your tour based on your personal interests.

Take a hike, discvoer Nara or the countryside, stop in at a museum, at the workshop of local artisans, or have Daniel help you purchase your special souvenirs by which to remember Kyoto. It's all up to you!
You can wander the city on foot or by bicycle, visiting famous sites or spots symbolic to the Japanese (temples, shrines, or even small sidestreets). 

Daniel's tours can include:

  • Stroll the streets of Kyoto at night
  • Cycle across Kyoto
  • Walk through Nishiki Market
  • Discover the Kitano Market

Spend the Day with Laetitia: Your Guide to Tokyo

Tokyo is one of the biggest cities in the world, and also one of the most exciting.
The itineraries that Laetitia organizes will let you spend time in ancient temples amongst the ultra modern skyscrapers. Change of scenery guaranteed! You will feel as if you have traveled many countries over the course of a single day.

Possible itineraries with Laetitia in Tokyo inclue:

  • Tsukiji
  • Ueno
  • Aoyama
  • Shibuya
  • Roppongi

Discover Gion with Saki

Explore the two sides of Kyoto together with Saki

Your day with Saki will allow you to see Kyoto from different perspectives. Discover centuries-old temples and gardens while seeing the modern side of Kyoto, built around its renowned universities. For you guide with Saki, she recommends being vocal about your interests, while still being open to her suggestions and favorite places!

Explore different parts of Kyoto with Saki, such as:

  • The Gion District
  • Kiyomizu Temple
  • The Philosopher's Path
  • Arashiyama

Live an Authentic Kyoto Day with Sayoko

See the daily life of Kyoto.

Spend your day with Sayoko observing the secrets, as well as the hustle and bustle, of everyday life in the ancient capital. Sayoko is an experienced guide who adores Kyoto and sharing her knowledge of the city. Although she has lived in Kyoto for many years, she was born and raised in Osaka, and also experienced the city from the eyes of a traveler!

See Kyoto with Sayoko, including:

  • Nishiki Market
  • A sukiyaki dinner
  • The Golden Pavilion
  • Nijo Castle
  • The Imperial Palace Park

How to reserve a visit

  1. Staying in one of our houses? Contact us directly and we will arrange your guide.
  2. Otherwise, contact our Travel Angels via the contact form on each of their profiles. They will respond to your request quickly.



How to reserve the services of a Travel Angel

These guides can be reserved via our activites page.

A full-day guide costs 18000 yen and is available for a group of up to 8 people. This price does not include entry fees, transportation, or meals.

Several days before the date of your activity, your guide will conatct you (by email or phone) to settle the details of your itinerary for the day.

The activities can focus on walking, touring, or shopping. Everything is planned to offer the best day possible.

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Rent a house in Japan


Discover our unique house rental options in Tokyo and Kyoto and enjoy the assistance of our Travel Angels.

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