Travelling in Japan, there's an app for that!

Communicating, getting around, having fun in Japan can sometimes be complicated. Fortunately, nowadays, many accessories are available to facilitate your trip. Especially Android phones and Iphones, with a large choice of applications that will most likely be useful during your trip. Here is our selection: 

menu-iphone Language is the biggest obstacle to getting around in Japan. In large cities, directions are usually translated and many English speaking Japanese people are ready to help. However it's not always the case. 


The "Kotoba" app is a dictionnary that can be downloaded on your Iphone. The app is free but quite heavy and you might have to connect your Iphone to your computer to download it. One of its useful feature is to be able to copy and paste the result in order to do a search on Google for instance. 

Kotoba has also a useful Kanji recognition option. To use it, just drawn the kanji in question and the app will propose different possible interpretations. 

Even more practical to communicate with others, download the « Talking Japanese Phrasebook » that will allow you to translate dailylife sentences and expressions. This app costs 0,75€. An Android equivalent exists but is less efficient than the IPhone version.

« TeePee » is an app that will allow you to find restaurants but also bars, hotels, onsens... Costly, you can buy it for 14€, this app is however quite useful if you are looking for a place to go out. Regular users of the app recommend it! 

For Android phones, discover the « Gurunavi » app, the perfect gourmet accessory: it's the essential  guide for restaurants in Japan! Enter your location and the type of food you want to it and the app does the rest. 

Among the other apps for IPhones to consider : the Tokyo metro map. A very useful app in Japan even among Japanese. 


Along the same lines, you can try the « » app, useful to prepare your itinerary. Moreover, « Find Tokyo ! » will be of great help if you get lost in the Japanese capital.

« Tokyo mtrip » (here for Iphone) is the essential app to visit Tokyo. Full travel guide, it will suggest you personalized itineraries to visit the capital. Don't forget the Lonely Planet app for Tokyo (Iphone and Android) and Kyoto.

Only available for Iphone, the « Japan Maps » gives you access to maps of Japan. 

Another app, « Visit Japan » (Iphone and Android) sets itself apart thanks to a great advantage: the availability of discount vouchers in some of the advertised places. Gifts, discounts... A must-have for your trip! .

Last but not least, don't miss the Hyperdia app (for Iphone and Android)! This app will give you the times and prices for all your journeys in Japan! 


Be careful, some of these apps can only be used with the 3G system and not the Wifi ! Using them in Japan can therefore be quite expensive if you are not mindful !
Before your trip, download some of them and check the way they are used to avoid unpleasant surprises! 


JR Pass Assistance

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Rent a phone in Japan

Louer un téléphone

A cell phone can be a useful tool and even an essential one if you want to make the most of your stay in Japan. Staying reachable is, first of all, a security, but being able to call a restaurant, a tourist office, or use train or car assistances, can also help you make your stay more enjoyable.

Here you can find some practical information to guide you through your phone rental. 

Rent a phone in Japan