Go with the flow in Tokyo

The Sumida River in Tokyo is equivalent to the Seine in Paris.
It crosses the Japanese capital for 27 km and gives Tokyo its “aquatic city” side.

Historically it has always had an important role in the development of the business and transport of the city.
Today, it allows visitors to soak up a different side of Tokyo.

Whether you're on the river or its banks, the Sumida will provide you with the opportunity to discover the capital from a new angle.






Cruising on the Sumida

Japan Experience suggests you try an excursion on the waters of the Sumida River.
This will allow you to discover another face of the capital.

Particularly at night, when you can peacefully enjoy the city lights.

Two options are available: the water taxis and the traditional houseboats.

1/ The water taxis

The water taxis run on four lines:

1. The Sumida River Line
2. The Asakusa-Odaiba Direct Line
3. The Odaiba line
4. The Tokyo Big Sight-Palette Town Line

The Sumida River Line, which transports passengers between Asakusa and the famous Hamarikyu gardens in 35 minutes, is especially popular.

2/ The Yakatabune

To take your experience on the water a little further you can opt for the traditional houseboats.
This type of boat allows you to spend an unforgettable moment on the water.





Enjoy Tokyo on the water’s edge

The Canal Café

The Canal Café is located at the edge of the moat of the old Edo Castle near Iidabashi Station on the JR Chuo-Sobu Line and the Tozai, Yurakucho, and Toei Oedo Namboku metro lines.

This café is a must in terms of places to relax by the water.

Created in 1918, the Canal Café was originally the first boat club in Tokyo.
A few years ago it was turned into an Italian bar-restaurant.

You can easily relax there over lunch or a snack.
In spring, it offers a magnificent view of the cherry trees in full bloom on the opposite bank.

In summer you can hire rowboats for 600 yen per 30 minutes.


The Ichigaya Fish Center

Located in the same area, the Ichigaya Fish Center is a fishing pond, which allows you to enjoy the water in the heart of the Japanese capital.
It is also part of the moat of the old Edo Castle.

The entrance fee is 690 yen per adult for 1 hour. Count 100 yen to rent a rod and 80 yen for bait.

On weekdays the pond is open from 9:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. and on weekends from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Japan Experience tip: the Ichigaya Fish Center is even more fun in the afternoon. You can avoid the crowds and you can also admire the sunset over the surrounding buildings. Do not forget your camera!


Odaiba is a group of artificial islands built in the late 19th century.

This group of islands may be a paradise for shopping and entertainment.
But its coast can also become a very romantic destination.

So after dark do not miss out on Odaiba Beach and the promenade with a view of the illuminated Rainbow Bridge.

The Tamagawa

The Tama is a river that runs through the south west of Tokyo.
Far from the center, it is perfect for a quiet stroll or bike ride along the water’s edge.

On weekends, many Tokyoites organize barbecues here. This is an opportunity for you to discover Japanese barbecues: a friendly atmosphere guaranteed.

At nightfall, the views are just as enjoyable. You can enjoy the coolness of the evening and the city lights in the distance. Don’t forget to bring your mosquito repellent!

The banks of the Tamagawa are accessible from Tamagawa station, which is located 16 minutes from Shibuya on the Tokyu Toyoko line.
You can also get there from Numabe station on the Tamagawa line.

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