Rent a phone in Japan

A cell phone can be a useful tool and even an essential one if you want to make the most of your stay in Japan. Staying reachable is, first of all, a security, but being able to call a restaurant, a tourist office, or use train or car assistances, can also help you make your stay more enjoyable.
Here you can find some practical information to guide you through your phone rental. 

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Basics you need to know

Many travelers are shocked to realize upon arrival, that, despite having an “international option”, their phone doesn’t work in Japan. Indeed, there is no GSM network in Japan and your phone will have to be 3G ready.
It is also possible to subscribe to the international roaming service offered by your telephone company, but this often proves to be costly.
Phone rental upon arrival in Japan is, in most cases, the safest and most economical way to stay connected. 

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How to rent a phone

Most rental companies have kiosks at major airports where you can come and pick up your phone.
In order to rent a phone you will only need an ID and a credit card. It is usually necessary to book online in advance but you can pick it up the same day with some companies. Depending on it, it is possible to have your phone delivered at home or at your hotel on a specific date. You can even send back the phone after the rental period by mail. 

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How much does it cost 

The costs are as follows:
1.    Rental price per day (between 200 and 600 yen)
2.    Cost of calls (incoming calls are usually free of charge and outgoing calls cost between 60 and 200 yen/min for local calls, and between 100 and 500 yen/min for international calls)
3.    SMS and emails are also charged
As some companies offer discounts for early bookings, you might want to plan the rental before your departure. 

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Which company is best suited for your trip 

Each rental company’s system has its advantages and its faults and it might be wise to choose the company you want to rent from according to your needs and the nature of your journey.
-       If you decide to go on an adventurous trip, explore Japanese mountains and discover the charms of remote places, you should pick Domoco as this operator offers the best national coverage. It is recommended for travelers who rent a car in Japan and want to benefit from assistance wherever they go. The disadvantage of this operator is that you can only pick up the phone from the airport, as home delivery is not available.
-       Softbank is attractive for urban workers as it offers a wide range of service (SIM card rental, Pocket Wifi…) and the possibility of renting in Softbanks stores in town.
-       G-Call is also to consider for its competitive pricing, its presence in many airports and the home delivery option. 

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The other options

For long stays, it might be attractive to decide on a prepaid phone. Some operators (Docomo, Softbank…) offer prepaid phones and refills that can be purchased from operators’ shops and “convenience stores”
Finally, note that:
-       Numbers starting with 080 or 090 are cell phones
-      Japanese phone numbers are 10 numbers long, no matter the length of the regional code
-      To reach international numbers, you need to dial 010 before the country’s code you want to call. 


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