Stay connected in Japan

Quite surprisingly, Japan is not the “all wireless” country you could think it is. When traveling you will most likely have more trouble finding free Internet spots than in most cities in the US.
Even in Starbucks the task is not easy, to use their Internet service you will have to sign a contract beforehand a with telecommunication company… which is not easy when traveling.
However solutions exist!  


The WiFi pocket : Internet anytime, anywhere


This discreet device that weighs less than 150 grams gives you access to a Wi-Fi network that covers more than 90% of the Japanese territory. No configuration is required to connect all your smartphones, tablets and laptops.

Up to ten devices can connect to the same box, making it ideal for those traveling as a family, a couple or with friends. The device automatically switches to standby when not in use, leaving it with an autonomy of more than six hours.

Softbank Global Rental also rents portable wireless routers for 1 590 yen per day, which you can connect to your computer.
Keep in mind, you can only pick up your SIM card or your router at Softbank airport counters, or  you can have them delivered to your address.



Take you iPhone to Japan


Softbank Global Rental offers a SIM card rental service for iPhone 4/4S and 3G/3GS. With this card, you can use your own iPhone on Japanese territory.

The rental fee is 110 yen per day, plus the communication costs. There is a plan that allows you to receive unlimited Internet access for 1 550yen.



Prepaid cards

If you prefer using your computer at WIFI hot spots you can get Softbank’s WIFI prepaid cards.
In Family Mart stores, next to the ATM you will find “Fami-port” machines. These machine, along with many other things, sell “BB Mobile Point” prepaid cards (instructions available in English). After selecting your card and editing a ticket, go to the cashier to pay for your card. The prices are as follow: 500 yens a day, 1.000 yens for 2 weeks and 4000 yens for 3 months.
Now, the tricky part: you need to “activate” your account with the “key” received on… your cell phone. Therefore, it’s recommended to have local friends who will be able to do the activation for you.
This card can be used in many places that show the “BB Mobile Point” sticker on their windows like McDonalds, some JR train stations and other cafés.
BB Mobile Point list (in Japanese)
Good to know: some McDonalds even have plugs to charge your computer (or any electrical appliance). Find the list here (in Japanese).
HOTSPOT also sells prepaid card, that can be bought online or on “Fami-ports”, and that don’t need to be activated with a cell phone. However, only 500 yen day cards are available.
Find the HOTSPOT list here



Free WIFI spots

If you don’t want to deal with cards you can go to Free Spots where you can have free access to the Internet. It is recommended to ask the owners of the place offering the access how to configure the network. However, as WIFI in public places is not very common in Japan, sometimes employees might not know how to make it work.
You can find here the Free Spots list (in English).
To be mentioned, in Tokyo, you can find Wired Café located in many strategic places that have Free Internet and also available computers for customers’ use
There is no map, nor website to list them all but it’s becoming more common for cafés to offer free Internet to their clients. Keep your eyes open when choosing your resting spot. 



The manga-kissa

If you don’t have a computer and wish to check your emails or use the Internet, it is possible to use computers in “manga-kissa” shops, Japanese name of cafés where you can read manga and surf on the Internet.
In these stores you can rent a computer by the hour (about 400 yens per hour). Please note that many manga-kissa ask their clients to do a short registration before being able to use their system.
The most well known names are Manboo Café, Manga Kissa Gera Gera (with the frog), Internet Manga Kissa Com Com, etc…
On top of the Internet you can also read manga for free, buy drinks and food at reasonable prices. Great option if you want to rest for a while.
In “Kinkos” it is possible to rent out computers for about 250 yens per minute. 


Japan by car


You want to rent a car and enjoy a family holiday for a small price? Contact us and get the best prices for your car rental. 

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Rent a phone in Japan

Louer un téléphone

A cell phone can be a useful tool and even an essential one if you want to make the most of your stay in Japan. Staying reachable is, first of all, a security, but being able to call a restaurant, a tourist office, or use train or car assistances, can also help you make your stay more enjoyable.

Here you can find some practical information to guide you through your phone rental. 

Rent a phone in Japan

JR Pass Assistance

Travel without a worry 

Exclusive Japan Experience service, this new assistance service allows you to contact a "Japan Rail Pass" advisor in Japan at any time during your trip, with any questions (train journey and use of JR Pass).

This service is sold at the price of $15,00 with any purchase of one or more Japan Rail Pass tickets.

This service is available 7 days a week from 7AM to 10PM

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