Low Cost Tokyo

Priceless, the Japanese capital? Not really, but in Tokyo, you can do anything without breaking the bank ... provided you know the right places.

100yen shop

Shopping on a Budget

Wallet keeping you on a tight budget? See you at the 100 yen shop in the city. Created in the early 90s to address the crisis that followed the bursting of Japan's bubble economy, the success of these stores have yet to let up. For 105 yen, there are foods, souvenirs, clothes, gadgets ... The four floors of the 100 yen shop Daiso Harajuku are a great economical shopping experience! 

Nakamise Alley in Asakusa and Ameya Yokocho in Ueno are also cost-effective solutions for small budgets. Long and easy to access, they are full of small souvenirs of all kinds. 


Ameya arcade

Cheap Eats

If the prices in restaurants and supermarkets give you vertigo, some places in the capital offer enough to satisfy you cheaply

Fast, efficient, cheap: these are the key words of the restaurants Sukiya, Yoshinoya and Matsuya. These cheap eats, found on every corner of Tokyo, offer Japanese curry, gyudon (beef on top of rice), katsudon (hot rice with a slice of fried, breaded pork) among other dishes at all hours of the day for less than ¥500.

night activity : cheap izakaya in Tokyo

When Night Falls

If small spaces don't scare you, capsule hotels can be the solution to avoid a night under the stars. Often reserved for men, these places offer a minimum spartan comfort for only ¥2000-¥4000 per night in Akihabara and Asakusa

Open 24/7, manga cafés, or manga kissa in Japanese, attract many young people looking for a "box" to sleep in. At ¥400 per hour, the Manboo Cafe chain offers showers and futons. 

And for smaller budgets, camping can be a good option for accommodations, too! 

Taking a walk in park

Small Pleasures

Between the parks, shrines, temples, festivals ... free activities are endless in the Japanese capital. No need to spend a penny to walk in the garden Higashi-Gyoen; instead, visit the Meiji-jingu shrine or climb to the top of the town hall. 
For the curious, the museums of the Police, Suginami and Toei Animation are also free, as is the famous Ueno Zoo. CAUTION: This is only free on March 20th and May  4th!

But when evening comes, there is often a strong urge to kick back with a glass of something. In karaoke, bars and clubs, there is a practice called nomihodai. This means "all you can drink",  and it is an excellent alternative for not breaking the bank. 

The izakaya Sumire in Shibuya also won't break the bank with nama biiru, or draught beer, for ¥120 a pop! 


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