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Japan on the rhythm of cicadas

Newsletter No. 13 - April 2014
Best Beach in Japan   
 The Most Beautiful Beaches in Japan

Outshined by the cultural, historical or ultra-modern aspects of Japan, Japanese beaches are often neglected by travellers.

But Japan is an archipelago and that, of course, means beaches and swimming. Japan offers a wide range of beautiful beaches throughout its islands.
Aomori Festival Nebuta  

Enjoy the Best Summer Festivals in Japan

Japan is the land of festivals, or matsuri, as they are called. Authentic popular celebrations, matsuri will allow you to discover a lot of traditional Japanese costumes and customs.
Each season has its great events, but summer in particular has amazing festivals and unforgettable memories. Moreover, thanks to the great weather during in July and August, you will be able to fully enjoy these outdoor festivals day or night.

Top 5 Japanese summer festivals

Kakigori : Japanese shaved ice with green tea  
Japanese Summer Delicacies 

Summer in Japan is hot-- really hot! While air conditioning inside offers a moment of respite, outside it's difficult to find a spot of shade. Fortunately, there are several Japanese sweets to bring a touch of fresh relief to your summer travels.

Our tips for delicious summer foods

Kodomo no hi : Children's festival 
Go to Okinawa In Japanese, the word Koi refers to carp and nobori means "flag." For Children's Day, thousands of paper fish, or koinobori, fill the Japanese sky for this festival.
Our opinion

+ Colorful, spectacular flags

+ Discover the roots of this ancient festival
Byodoin Reopens
Kyoto Byodoin reopen
As of April 1st, the interior of the famous Byodoin Temple has reopened to visitors. Renovations, begun in late 2012, finished in March, and visitors to the town of Uji, just south of Kyoto city, can once again experience the full grandeur of this 1000-year-old temple.

More about Byodoin

Our opinion

+ Also found on the back of the 10-yen coin

+ UNESCO World Heritage Site
 Navitime Application / Free wifi in Japan
Application Navitime Among the most useful apps to download before a trip to Japan, Navitime for Japan Travel is the most promising and soon to be unavoidable-- this app shows free wifi spots all over Japan, even when your smartphone is offline.

Learn more about Navitime

Our opinion

+ Free app for iPhone and Android

+ Great alternative to pocket wifi
The highest building in Japan
Abeno Harukas In Osaka, a new 300 meter high skyscraper is touching the clouds! Opened on March 7, 2014, Abeno Harukas is now the tallest building in the Archipelago of Japan. With 14 floors dedicated to shopping, many restaurants, and galleries, Abeno Harukas is about to send the popularity of neighborhoods Abeno and Tennoji skyrocketing!

For more information

Our opinion

+ 10 minutes from Namba district

+ A 360 view of Osaka
Gay weddings in Kyoto
Gay couple mariage in Japan Already on the list of Japan's 25 best hotels, the Hotel Granvia Kyoto is always adding new services, now including same-sex marriage ceremonies along with the support of Shunkoin Temple. This new service will allow everyone to experience a traditional Japanese union.

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Our opinion

+ Shunkoin Zen Temple the first to offer this service

+ Hotel Granvia is located right in Kyoto Station
 Shinkansen with onsen
Shinkansen with footbath Japanese railways are never short of ideas when it comes to pampering their customers! In addition to JR East's nearly flawless service, you can now take the time to admire the scenery of Tohoku with feet in the water on the Toreiyu train.

More about Shinkansen footbath

Our opinion

+ The Japanese word for footbath is "ashiyu"

+ Starting in July 2014
 Video: The Joukeian Tea House, center of spirituality
Jokeian house : Tea room In Kyoto, the Joukeian tea house reveals the secrets of a true spiritual art. The highly ritualistic tea ceremony is inseparable from the arts of flower arrangement and calligraphy. Together, they represent Japanese traditiion.

Check out YouTube video here

Our opinion

+ To understand ancient rituals

+ Engross yourself in Japanese spirituality!
 Kyotographie 2014 until May 11th
Kyotographie 2014 From now until May 11th, the Kyotographie contemporary photo exhibition has taken over Kyoto. Spread throughout 15 different venues across the city, these different photographers' many perspectives will allow you greater insight into the beauty and interpretations of Kyoto. 

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Our opinion

+ Great mix of artwork and interesting spaces

+ This year's theme: "Our Environment"
 A balcony over Tokyo

Stay in Ikebukuro city with Japan Experience

"Tembo" is an apartment with two bedrooms and a living room, situated right on top of a building just 8 minutes from Ikebukuro Station by foot. Nowhere else will you find such an unbelievable combination of calm and convenience. After a long day traipsing around Tokyo, you'll be delighted to return to this cozy little nest perched on top of the city with its view over the rooftops.

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