By car, discover Japan differently

Newsletter n°3 - August 2012

The road is yours!

Renting a car in Japan is easy at last

Do not miss our new website specializing in car rental in Japan.

Renting a car allows you to discover Japan differently. Indeed, not only can you adventure to all regions of Japan, but you will also be completely independent.

And thanks to our Drivin' assistance, drive without a worry. It is you who decides where and when to go.

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Explore every corner of Japan

To guide you during your future trip, we have also concocted some essential itineraries: Hokkaido, the Kii Peninsula, Kyushu, Kanazawa-Kyoto and Tokyo-Takayama.

The road is yours!

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Motorways, parking, service stations... get to know everything about driving in Japan

Driving in Japan proves to be much easier than you think!

To allow you to take charge of your vehicle quickly, Japan Experience offers practical advice.


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Go with the flow in Tokyo


The Sumida River in Tokyo is equivalent to the Seine in Paris.
It crosses the Japanese capital for 27 km and gives Tokyo its “aquatic city” side.
Historically it has always had an important role in the development of the business and transport of the city.Today, it allows visitors to soak up a different side of Tokyo.

Whether you're on the river or its banks, the Sumida will provide you with the opportunity to discover the capital from a new angle.

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Our opinion

+ Perfect on a summer's day

+ A refreshing look at the megalopolis

The most beautiful fireworks in Japan


Summer in Japan would not be complete without the famous fireworks (花火大会, Hanabi taikai).
Hundreds of fireworks festivals are held annually throughout the country, mainly in July and August. Some even gather thousands of visitors.

Here's a selection made by Japan Experience.

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Our opinion
+ Japanese tradition in the heart of summer

+ A delight for young and old

Discover Yakushima


Yakushima is a sub tropical island, which is part of Kagoshima prefecture, to the South of Kuyshu.

The island is mainly composed of several thousand-year-old wild Japanese cedar forests: the yakusugi. Word composed of Yakushima and sugi, cedar in Japanese.

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Our opinion
+ Japan off the beaten path

+ A Nature immersion

The new Kyushu Cruise


Discover the "Seven Stars in Kyushu cruise train"; the famous new train of the Japanese railway company, JR Kyushu Japanese Railways.

The Seven Stars is already considered the ultimate in luxury on rails. Its launch is planned for 2013.

Its success is already guaranteed and reservations will be possible from October 2012.

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Our opinion
+ A new way to discover Kyushu

+ A harmonious concept

Camping in Japan? It's possible!

Niijima Camping becomes, once again a viable option during a trip to Japan. Indeed, aside from western hotels and ryokan, camping offers a good alternative both financially and in terms of experience.

Let’s discover this type of accommodation

Our opinion

+ An affordable way to visit Japan

+ BBQ included!

The most beautiful beaches in Japan

plage-okinawa Outshined by the cultural, historical or ultra-modern aspects of Japan, the Japanese beaches are often neglected by travellers.
But Japan is an archipelago and that, obviously, means beaches and swimming.
Moreover Japan offers a wide range of beautiful beaches throughout the territory.
Japan Experience provides you with a list of the most beautiful beaches in Japan.

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Our opinion
+ Meet hermit crabs and sea turtles

+ Discover Japan beach culture

Book a car


For a new an amazing experience in Japan: renting a car will lead you to the most remote and unspoiled areas of the country.

You are now free and flexible !

Discover our brand new car rental service: insurance, phone assistance, driver's licence translation, we'll take care of everything.



Drivin' Assistance exclusive


The Drivin’ assistance service is available in English and French.  It gives you unlimited access to a helpline, available 7 days a week from 9am to 6pm

All travelers planning on renting a car with us can apply for this service.

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