A snowy day in Japan

Newsletter n°2 - November - December 2011

Winter in Japan

During winter, a thick blanket of snow covers a large part of the country. The season’s charm is sure to catch travelers’ attention. Whether you love wild landscapes or traditional sightseeing, you will be surprised to discover what Japan has to offer in this cold and beautiful weather.

Travel all over the snowy countryside so dear to Kabawata in our magazine. Enjoy the pleasure of bathing in open hot springs, visiting the wonderful region of the Japanese Alps and finally celebrating Sapporo snow festival, without forgetting to taste local delicacies.

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+ An amazing season

Autumn foliage 

Autumn has finally settled in Japan. Each year, the Japanese follow with a keen interest the momijigari or “maple hunt”, a practice that was already popular a thousand years ago.

Enjoy the bright red Japanese foliage in this video and take this opportunity to discover a region of central Japan, Chubu.


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Our opinion
+ Autumn in Japan: the best time for long strolls

The Kurama fire festival

On October 22nd, Kurama, a village slightly north of Kyoto, held its annual fire festival. Looking back on one of Japan’s most eccentric festivals, learn practical advice on how to best enjoy it next year. 

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Our opinion

+ An exccentric festival woth attending

Getting around in Tokyo

With 13 million inhabitants, Tokyo is one of the most populous areas in the world. To remedy this colossal size, the city has built a dense and practical, if rather complex transportation system.

See our tips for using the various means of transportation available and move efficiently in the Japanese capital. 

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+ An article to read if you are going to the capital

5 trips to take outside Tokyo

Tokyo, with its infinite possibilities and attractions, is enough to keep you busy for a long time. However, if you wish to get away from the bustling city, you should dare a little expedition just beyond the city limits: it conceals hidden treasures!

Coming up: outdoor activities, cultural visits and discovery of local handicrafts and delicacies.

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+ Daytrips
+ Get a breath of fresh air!!

Old photographs from Japan

In 1854, Japan opened its doors to the West. Along with the foreign visitors coming to discover Japan, came photography, whose first users captured in their shots a changing Japan.

Discover the website “Old Photos of Japan”, a rich collection of photographs taken at the end of the Edo, Meji, Taisho and Showa period, illustrating, with a hint of nostalgia, scenes of Japanese daily life as it used to be. 

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Our opinion

+ Discover old Japan
+Great images and texts

Spend New Year in Kyoto

This winter, discover our unique offer of traditional houses located in the heart of Kyoto for an amazing Japanese experience.

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