On the roads of Japan


 Choose Japan by Car

A sense of freedom, a wealth of encounters, unexpected moments... The car offers new opportunities for visitors to the archipelago.

Discover all the details about driving in the Land of the Rising Sun and take control of your trip to make it an unforgettable experience.

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 A door opener to unique places


How could you get the best ryokan, the traditional Japanese inns, the rustic minka guesthouses, or any other charming accomodation without car?

Browse our selection of exceptional places and prepare for a dream holiday.


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 The beautiful roads of Japan

Take a leisurely drive through the rice fields, the tea fields and the pine forests. Wind your way between the mountains and along the valleys to the most remote spa towns.

The car takes you to the heart of the most spectacular scenery of the archipelago. Here is a small sample of the roads not to be missed.


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Two new houses to rent in Kyoto

Japan Experience and all the team are pleased to introduce two new houses, which are now for rent in Kyoto. Visit our website to discover Ensô-an and Koyasu, in all their glory.


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Our Opinon

+ A somptuous interior in harmony with beautiful Kyoto

+ Incomparable comfort

Free Wi-Fi has arrived in Kyoto

Free Wi-Fi at every bus stop, and many more places. It's what you dreamed of? Kyoto has done it!

Further proof that the former imperial capital combines modernity and tradition in the best possible way.

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Our Opinion

+ Share your experience with your loved ones at any time

+ Never get lost in the old capital!

 The Top 10 Views from JR Trains

Biwa Lake, Great Seto Bridge, lavender and sunflower fields in Hokkaido... JR Trains are the best way to discover the gorgeous Japanese countryside.

Read our article and know when to look through the window! 

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Our Opinion

+ Make the most of your window seat!

+ Enjoying sceneries is one of the greatest advantage of travelling by train

Christmas Trains and Winter Illuminations

Although Japan often has a different interpretation of Christmas than countries in the West, it doesn't mean they do not like to get festive!

They are some fantastic city illuminations and Christmas-themed trains accessible with your JR Pass.

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Our Opinion

+ A different way to discover Japan

+ Christmas magic as you've never seen it
The roads of the Japanese archipelago are yours

Japan Experience is pleased to present its self-drive tours with accomodation included.

Travel the roads of the archipelago and discover their hidden treasures through one of the 12 proposed itineraries.

Freedom and peace-of-mind are ensured thanks to a detailed roadmap, charming accomodation booked in advance and a GPS in every car.


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