Spring is coming

Ignore the weather at home, get ready for Spring in Japan…

Newsletter No. 10 - January 2014
 Cherry tree secrets   

Many Japanese people head for their local parks and gardens to enjoy the cherry blossom, during hanami period.

Don't forget the plum blossom! They are the first blooms of spring and are also very beautiful.

Juste relax and enjoy learning about cherry blossom here! 

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 Lunching under the sakura

How can I celebrate and best enjoy Hanami Japanese-style?
Five ways to celebrate a perfect hanami with your friends and family.
Tested and approved by our staff!

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 Enjoy the plum blossoms   

Don't forget the plum blossom! They are the first blooms of spring and are also very beautiful. 

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 Special offer for the Narita Express


If you are landing at Tokyo Narita Airport, enjoy new low prices on the Narita Express: 50% off tickets to the heart of the capital from the airport!

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Our opinion

+ Easy and fast journey

+ Save money!
 A beautiful night at Kai Matsumoto Resort

On our last trip to the Japanese Alps, we stayed at Kai Matsumoto, a modern yet traditional ryokan and one of our valued partners.

Have a look at our video of the visit.

Our opinion

+ First class accomodations

+ Onsen included!
 A unique exhibition at the Edo-Tokyo Museum
Until the 2nd March, as part of the 20th Anniversary of the Edo-Tokyo Museum and the 50th Anniversary of the International Ukiyo-e Society celebrations, you can see an unrivalled collection of woodblock prints and paintings that helped form the foreign perception of Japanese art.

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Our opinion

+ World famous pieces 

+ Don't forget the permanent exhibitions
 Kagura dancing in Hiroshima
Enjoy the cultural arts of Japan with a visit to see Kagura dancing in Hiroshima Prefecture.

This ancient dance originated as a performance to placate the Shinto gods, and continues to this day all year round. Over the centuries, Kagura dance has influenced other performing arts, such as Kabuki and Noh, and is enjoyed by all ages for its vibrant, elaborate masks and costumes and its story-telling with roots from ancient Japanese history and mythology.

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Our opinion

+ Immerse yourself in Ancient Japan's myths and traditions

+Performances all the year
 Experience the Hanami in Kyoto, thanks to our Travel Angels

Our Travel Angels know the former capital like the backs of their hands and will show you best spots to enjoy cherry blossom.

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