Spring under the cherry petals

Newsletter n°3 - january-february 2012

Spring is around the corner in Japan!


The plum blossoms

When many of us are eager to enjoy the cherry blossoms, some know that plum blossoms, more discrete but nevertheless beautiful, are here to announce the much awaited spring.  
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The Hina matsuri

Born in the 17th century, in the Edo period, the Hina Matsuri, also called "Girls' day", is celebrated within families. It's the time to wish health and happiness to the little girls of the family. Every year, on March 3rd, people ornate display shelves covered by a red cloth with very unique dolls. Learn more


Celebrating the hanami

Hanami meaning "watching the flowers", it is easy to guess what is this famous Japanese celebration: the hanami. The traditional way to celebrate it is to go to parks in order to admire the cherry tree blossoms, called sakura in Japanese.  Learn more


The uncanny festival of Komaki


This festival held in Komaki (Aichi Prefecture) is one of these events that couldn't take place anywhere else than in Japan. It celebrates fertility in a unique way. If the reason for this festival holds a particular meaning for the Japanese people, the way it is celebrated might seem a bit uncanny to us...

Our opinion

+ A very original but still traditional celebration 

+ A good opportunity to discover Aichi

The combini culture in Japan

ice cream at a combini store

In Japan, people value things "handy", and there is nothing more practical then the combini : little shops open 24/7 that you can find at every street corner and where you can find everything you could need!
The perfect place for unexpected shopping or snacks. Here is our guide to the combini.

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Our opinion

+ The best place for snacks and unexpected needs

+ A typical service to discover

Traveling in Japan, there's an app for that!


Communicating, getting around, having fun in Japan can sometimes be complicated. Fortunately, nowadays, many accessories are available to facilitate your trip. Especially Android phones and Iphones, with a large choice of apps that will most likely be useful during your trip!

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Our opinion
+ Travel easily thanks to your phone

+ Tackle communication problems

The Sapporo Snow Festival


Each year, the Sapporo Snow Festival attracts more than 2 million people eager to discover or rediscover this event. The large quantity of snow and the beauty of the sculptures make this festival a must-see in Japan!

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Our opinion
+ Plan your trip for next year!

+ An enchanting festival for the entire family

Your journey to Mount Fuji


Mount Fuji is one of the favorite destinations from Tokyo, for a good reason, the perfect shape of this mountain is one of Japan's most recognized symbol. In addition to reaching its foot and climbing to its summit, many itineraries are possible in order to enjoy Mount Fuji's splendors.

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Our opinion
+ Onsen, culture, hiking, nature...

+ Easy to reach from Tokyo
 Activities in Japan

Bike rides, flea markets, hikes, guided tours, bento workshop...

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