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Newsletter No. 15 - July 2014
Beach in Tokyo  
 The Beaches around Tokyo

To cool off and enjoy some time by the beach, there's no need to even leave the capital city of Japan.
Tokyo Bay has a lot to offer its summertime visitors...

Yakatabune in Tokyo  

Cruising in Tokyo

Dinner on a yakatabune is certainly one of the most unforgettable experiences to be had during a stay in Tokyo.
These restaurant boats, which take you across Tokyo Bay, where you can see Tokyo Tower and the Rainbow Bridge while sipping on saké, are the offspring of a tradition that dates back to the Edo Period.

 Tips for cruising on Yakatabune

Ueno parc summer festival  
Ueno Celebrates Summer

Although Ueno is known for its zoo and museum, it also houses one of the most diverse summer festivals: Ueno Natsu Matsuri.
From music and folk dances to antiques and giant water lilies, Ueno celebrates summers in its own way.

More about Ueno summer festival

Obon: The Festival of Souls
Obon In Japan, the Obon period is the time of summer vacation for all.
In addition to returning to their families to honor their ancestors, the Japanese take advantage of the summer to participate in many local and regional festivals (matsuri).

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Our opinion

+ Experience a traditional festival

+ The beauty of the Obon dance
Guidelines to Travel by Train
Japanese Train etiquette
Once your JR Pass is in your hands, nearly all of the railways of Japan awaits you. You will find traveling by train incredibly quiet, fluid, and well-organised.
To achieve this, passengers follow several rules of etiquette such as queuing and special seats. … An overview of the rules of Japan trains.

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Our opinion

+ Etiquette rules are important in Japan

+ Taking the train in Japan can be really fun!
BBQ and Camping in the Capital
Wild Magic Need a break from the capital with a bit of nature?
Relax around a barbecue in the Wild Magic camp site and rediscover the pleasures of outdoor activities. City dwellers may live a new experience camping in the heart of Tokyo.
Our opinion

+ A little piece of nature in the capital

+ The relaxed atmosphere of camping
Toranomon Hills, always higher
New building in Tokyo : Toranomon Hills A new building in Tokyo is always a big to-do, especially if it is the tallest in the city.
This is the case with Toranomon Hills, which opened on June 11th. At 255 meters, this building sits right in the heart of the Minato district among many embassies and companies.

More about Toranomon Hills 

Our opinion

+ A terrace with stunning views of Tokyo

+ A cute and familiar mascot
Akibakart If you thought that the bus and train were your only transportation options during your visit to Tokyo, think again!
Dive right into the heart of Tokyo's hustle and bustle in an AkibaCart, a little red go-kart that zips through the streets of Japan's metropolis.

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Our opinion

+ A new view of the city

+ For the adventurer looking for a quirky Tokyo experience
Gaijin on the Subway
Application for Tokyo Subway
With 330 kilometers divided into a dozen lines, it's not always easy to navigate to Tokyo subway...
A new app is here to help.
Free and available in English, it will be a valuable tool for all the disoriented travelers out there.

Download this application 

Our opinion

+ Plan the perfect metro route

+ Navigate the Tokyo subway with ease
 New Vacation Rental House in Ikebukuro

Stay in Tokyo : New Vacation Rental House in Ikebukuro

The Ikebukuro District of Tokyo is like Shibuya or Shinjuku on a more human scale. Here, the Tokyo frenzy combines with tranquility. It's in this setting that our newest house is located: Ikebukuro Nigo. Arranged for two people, it is close to restaurants and transportation.

Discover our house in Ikebukuro

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