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Escapade to Ghibli Museum

To the west of Greater Tokyo, in the Kichijôji area of Mitaka, next to Inokashira park, the iconic Ghibli Museum (pronounced djibouli) proves to be both an unusual and magical outing for the whole family.



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Tokyo for young explorers

Children and those who have remained children at heart, will be delighted by the capital where the greatest temples of Japanese pop culture are to be found.

From the Pokemon Center to Hello Kitty, the playground idols of the world await you in theme parks entirely dedicated to their universe. Let yourself be tempted by the impressive attractions of Miraikan and of Tokyo Disney Sea, you can be sure that your toddlers will keep wonderful memories of their visit.

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The city of never ending fun

Tokyo provides teenagers and young adults with an endless choice of activities that are sure to delight them.

Laughter is guaranteed in the purikura booths, those crazy photo booths. The cats cafés will offer them a haven of tenderness after an immersion in the world of high technology at the Sony Center and in the world of extravagant Tokyoite fashion at  Shibuya 109.

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Free Wi-Fi in Kyoto


Good news!
In Kyoto, everyone can now use, free of charge, the 630 LAN wireless Internet terminals, which were set up in the city in August..

They are located at bus stops, in subway stations, Seven-Eleven stores, public buildings, etc.

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Our opinion

+ Surf in the street

+ Wi-Fi is becoming widespread in Japan

Transporting luggage in Japan

The major drawback of travel is of course luggage. But the good news with Japan is that you can travel light without a problem. In particular, door-to-door services are especially fast, secure and cheap. So don’t miss out and fill your suitcases with souvenirs!

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+ Practical and economical

+ A weight off your mind

How to use Hyperdia

kyushu-cruise Indispensable tool for anyone who travels with the Japan Rail Pass, Hyperdia is a search engine that will calculate your ideal train route and tell you how much it will cost..

Japan Rail Pass offers an explanatory video, thanks to which Hyperdia will have no secrets for you.

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+ Plan your train journey down to the last minute

+ Clear and fast

Japan in Autumn

After a hot and humid summer, Autumn is a season of sunny days and mild temperatures. The Japanese are particularly fond of this colorful season.

Autumn is also the season when art exhibitions, concerts and sport tournaments are blooming in every city.

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Our opinion

+ A mild and sunny season

+ Get the best deals on tickets

Customs and etiquette in a Ryokan

ville-onsen A trip to Japan would not be complete without a stay in a Ryokan, typical Japanese hotels used, ever since the Edo period, to accommodate the travelers journeying across the land.

To stay in a Ryokan is to be submerged in the Japanese atmosphere and aesthetics, and, because it is so exotic, it can also be extremely unsettling. Here are some tips to ensure that bewilderment does not take away from the pleasure of this unique experience.

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Our opinion
+ An unforgettable experience

+ Immersion in the heart of Japanese culture

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