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Newsletter No. 12 - March 2014
Torii Meiji jingu  
 5 Tips to Avoid the Crowds   

Traveling these days can often be a stressful experience, filled with lines, crowds, and sold-out tickets.
To make your trip to Japan a perfect, complete, serene experience, we’ve compiled a few of our experts’ tips and tricks to avoid crowds.

Our Tips for Avoiding the Crowds

Fitting the junihitoe  

 Unusual Kyoto

Kyoto is a truly incredible city, and not just because of its ancient history residing in its old, wooden houses.
Simultaneously a historical relic and modern urban area built around famous universities, there’s much more to explore than what’s written in any guidebook!

Our top spots for unusual Kyoto

Pick strawberries in Japan  
 Tokyo: A Bit of Green Amongst the Pavement 

The concrete jungle of Japan's capital city can be a little much sometimes, but it's easy to find refuge in a green oasis without leaving the city.

Our top spots for Tokyo green

New Rental House Hanamichi
Rental Hanamichi house in Kyoto
Hanamichi House offers guests the peace and serenity of a quiet neighbourhood in the heart of the ancient Japanese capital of Kyoto. Located not far from the famous Ginkakuji Silver Pavilion and the Philosopher's Path, you can recharge your batteries in this little slice of paradise.
Our house, built in traditional Kyotoite style, has retained the old world charm on the inside and will appeal to travelers looking to enjoy the relaxed pace of this part of Kyoto in a traditional setting.

Reserve Hanamichi House

Our opinion

+ Historic district, green and calm.

+Enjoy areas early in the morning when there aren't too many tourists yet
All the Charms of Okinawa
Go to Okinawa With a pleasant temperature throughout the year and blue sea, blue sky, Okinawa is a haven for water activities, discovering the huge mix of flora and fauna, unspoilt nature and be sure not to miss the unique cultural mix.
The friendly, welcoming residents of Okinawa invite you to discover the secrets of the southern islands.
Our opinion

+ Beautiful view and good temperature!

Unusual Experience in Okinawa
Video : An Exploration of Demachi District
Video discrict Demachi Discover the Demachi district of Kyoto during your stay and you will surprised by the vitality of the (mostly senior) residents of the district and the hustle and bustle of life in the traditional, narrow streets.
You can enjoy a wide variety of activities in this area, from a cycle ride along the Kamogawa River to a night out in the numerous izakayas where students at the nearby Kyoto University can often be spotted.

Watch the video of Demachi district

Our opinion

+ Tips for all transportation in Kyoto

+ Good district to visit
 Video : Kurama by Train
Video Kurama by train Leave your JR Pass at home for a day for a trip to the mountains.
It only takes half an hour to get from Kyoto to Kurama where you can have a break from the city in this small village in the heart of the mountains, steeped in religion, culture, history and mystery.

Check out our YouTube video here

Our opinion

+ Good Tips  to visit Kurama by Train

+ Temple in the mountain, calm place
 Discover Tokyo and Kyoto with our Travel Angels

During you time in Japan, why not take part in one of our activities? Learn how to make a truly Japanese bento box, enjoy an evening walk around Kyoto with one of our staff, visit the famous Nishiki food Market known as "Kyoto's Kitchen" or take a trip out into the mountains to the village of Kurama. To have a look at all the activities we offer and to book, please visit LINK.

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