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Newsletter No. 17 - September 2014
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 A New Site: Clearer, Simpler, and More Complete

Japan Experience has revealed its new website for online house reservations. With its accurate calendar and improved search bar, you can reserve a house in Kyoto or Tokyo, in a neighborhood that suits your travel, with two clicks. The best part: our guests talk about their experiences on video and explain why they loved to travel with Japan Experience.

Travel Angel at your service  

The Travel Angels, Friends in Japan

Always ready with good advice, before your arrival and until after your departure, the Travel Angels are there for you. As they explain themselves in this video, their role is to watch over you and your trip. Available and responsive, they are a wealth of information about good deals, good places, and houses to truly live in Japan.

 The Travel Angels, at your service

Explore your district in Japan  
Your Neighborhoods in Japan

To choose an area that will best suit you, our neighborhood guide videos are here to help. They will give you a concrete visualization of the atmosphere as well as the activities around the area you have chosen. As for the Travel Angels, they are always there to guide you and show you great spots!

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New pass available! The Takayama-Hokuriku JR Pass
New JR Pass : Takayama Pass from October 1st
To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Tokaido Shinkansen, the Japan Railways has created a new pass to travel the Hokuriku region, a cultural destination visited by many travellers. Take 5 days to visit Kanazawa and Takayama, passing by Shirakawa-go, a UNESCO world heritage site, by bus.

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Our opinion

+ Available from October 1st, 2014 to June 26th, 2015

+ A great deal for exploring the heart of Honshu
Pray as the Japanese Do
How to pray in Japanese Temple or Sanctuaire No need to be Buddhist or Shintoist to pray in a temple or shrine. It's more a matter of respect for the place of faith. Clapping your hands and bowing are basic gestures to appreciate the spirituality of these sacred spaces in Japan.
Our opinion

+ A key to understanding Japanese spirituality

+ Learn the difference between a temple and a shrine
A Robotic Dinner
robotic diner More and more frequently, travellers are choosing to spend an evening at the Robot Restaurant in Tokyo. We must say that the ambiance is quite... unique, as the restaurant includes elements of the manga world, glam rock, and a hostess bar, too. A dinner show, Japanese style and quite different from those found at home, tops off this high-tech review.

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Our opinion

+ An unforgettable outing for those who want to be amazed

+ A great opportunity to take photos and videos for friends back home
 Tax-Free Japan
Tax free in Japan Bringing home Japanese food items free of tax is now possible!
This is a great bargain for travellers who wish to bring back alcohol or other memorable foodstuffs from Japan. The offer is good for purchases over ¥5001 (about $50 USD or 36 Euros) and have your passport at hand.

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Our opinion

+ Available from October 1st

+ A good way to counteract the high sales tax, raised this past April
Samurai vs. Ninjas
Samourai and Nija tour in Asakusa
If Japan is known for its peaceful temples and its Zen gardens, perfect for walks in total tranquility, those interested in spicing up their visits a little more, at least in the Asakusa neighborhood of Tokyo, can follow the battle between samurai and ninja across the whole area!

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Our opinion

+ An offbeat visit to Tokyo

+ This funny and entertaining show will delights fans of a samurai films!
 New House, New Kyoto Neighborhood: Nishiki

Nishiki : New house and new district

Situated in the west of Kyoto's downtown area, Nishiki is lively neighborhood populated with a diverse array of shops and restaurants. From your house in Nishiki, take a detour and immerse yourself in the world of Nishiki Market, already a small trip in itself!
Nishiki house has a kitchen space ideal for cooking all the delicacies of Kyoto.

Discover the house and the neighborhood