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Admire the "yozakura", night cherry trees, at Osaka Castle Park

Top 4 places to see cherry blossoms in Osaka

Discover the best sakura spots in the western capital of Osaka! Plan your visit and join in the tradition of hanami, admiring the cherry blossoms, with tips from Yann, our Travel Angel.


Breweries, fresh Japanese food shops and the remains of an ancient castle: Sasayama has a lot going for it. 

Tobita Shinchi

Tobita Shinchi 

Osaka's red-light district emerged in the early 1900s, and become the largest pleasure area in the West of Japan, despite the prohibition of prostitution.

Eat Osaka - Osaka Cooking Classes

Aside from the Japanese capital, it is not so easy to find cooking classes offered other than in Japanese. But since summer 2014 is is not possible to take lessons in English in Osaka!


Tsuruhashi Koreatown

This is one of the oldest and most populous Korean neighborhoods in Japan. Welcome to Tsuruhashi, where there's far more than kimchi on offer...

Umeda Sky Building

Umeda Sky Building

A worthy little sister to the mighty Tokyo, Osaka is primarily an economic center at the forefront of technological development.

Neighborhood Tempozan

Tempozan District

Ideal for families, this harbor district offers all the entertainment that all ages dream of for long Sunday afternoons.

Glico Dotonbori


Dotonbori at night is like an explosion, a psychedelic trance that smells like grilled fish and skewers of fried foods.

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