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Tea ceremony

Attending a tea ceremony in Japan

The tea ceremony is a real traditional art in Japan, during which you get to try matcha green tea accompanied by a traditional sweet.

5 Reasons to Travel to Japan in Winter

From December to March, Japan doesn't hibernate: between the many festivals and the clear, bright days, winter is a great time to visit. 

Inside a ryokan in Japan.

Ryokan Etiquette

Your trip to Japan would not be complete without a stay at a ryokan.

Air parcel

Sending packages

To send gifts and surprises, or to alleviate a suitcase full of memories, sending packages from Japan is a practical solution and (often) economic.

A barge Yakatabune between the buildings of Tokyo Bay.

The Yakatabunes

These are the sightseeing boats of Tokyo that travel the bay and offer a new perspective on the capital. Welcome aboard the Yakatabunes, summer boats dating back to the Edo period.

Despite the 10,000 Japanese karaoke, Tokyo has several original and unique rooms.

5 karaoke rooms not to be missed

With 10 000 karaoke rooms throughout the country, the choice seem endless. Japan Guide suggests five in Tokyo to sing along in a unique atmosphere.

Kyaraben or character bento, the art of making lunch look like the characters.

Nagomi Visit

Discovering the local cuisine through cultural exchange with the Japanese? It's possible with Nagomi Visit, which organizes meals with local people. But not just anywhere: at home.

Zebras Ueno Zoo in Tokyo.

Green Tokyo

The urban jungle of the Japanese capital can become stifling. But no need to leave the city to find an oasis and take refuge in a green and original Tokyo.

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