French Business Awards 2016

Japan Experience wins the best Product / Service of the year award


The French Business Awards

Organized by the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Japan (CCI), the French Business Awards (FBA) honor excellence and promote success and innovation across all industries working with France and/or Japan. The awards also acknowledge the important social contributions made by organizations through their commitment to community, ethical behavior and environmental sustainability. This year, the event took place at the Grand Hyatt Hotel on the 28th January 2016.

Japan Experience were up against some equally dynamic companies such as Tickets Restaurant®, Thales and Axa, however it was Japan Experience’s distinctive Travel Angel service that stood out from the crowd. The Travel Angels concept was formed by Claude Sauliere, allowing our customers to travel in Japan worry free.

Thierry Maincent et Bernard Delmas, président de la chambre de commerce et d'industrie française au Japon
Japan Experience receiving the best Product / Service of the year award from Bernard Delmas,
he President of the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Japan.

Japan Experience and Travel Angels
Japan Experience has replaced the traditional mass tourism model of package holidays, by offering customers a unique and bespoke services and products so customers can design their own unique trip to Japan. Traditional tour operators who sell many destinations are unable to offer a one stop shop for all their travel needs, unlike Japan Experience a Japan specialist travel company dedicated exclusively to Japan.

From this observation the concept of our Travel Angels was born, an exclusive service to Japan Experience. The Travel Angels are personal guides and companions for customers. House rental customers meet the Travel Angels at the beginning of the stay, where they show them around the property, demonstrate all the facilities and equipment. Assisting customers with recommendation of local attractions, restaurants, local customs, introduce them to locals and encouraging travelers to think outside of the box to discover the real Japan. Our unique service has proved very successful in the market, with our Travel Angels welcoming 8,000 international travelers in 2015.

All of our Travel Angels must have all lived in the city where they are based for several years, have excellent historical, cultural knowledge and be fluent in Japanese, French and English. Added to this Travel Angels must be personable, friendly and flexible to meet the individual needs of each client. Once candidates are recruited, Japan Experience train them on customer service and hospitality. Travel Angels don't just help out house rental customers they also run a series of activities available for all; exploring a local market, cooking lessons, night walk of Gion are just some of the activities available.

To help prepare their trip, customers can contact their Travel Angels before their departure for advice. Customers are sent a manual including directions and information on the local neighborhood. The Travel Angels are also contactable by phone for the duration of the customers stay, acting as a ‘guardian angel', insuring that travelers have a safe and worry free trip. Each of our house rentals has a Travel Angel allocated to it, so that customers know who will be hosting them during their stay when booking. We also have information on all our Travel Angels online, adding a personal and human touch to the service.

Just read the testimonials for our customer who rented our properties to see how the services of the Travel Angels is appreciated, thanked for their kindness, availability, knowledge of a city, neighbourhood and region. Discover the real Japan with our Travel Angels.


The French Business Awards 2016 laureates. 
On the left, His Excellency Thierry Dana, Ambassador of France to Japan.
On the right Bernard Delmas, the President of the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Japan.