Alexis Viel


A great traveler, Alexis decided to cast anchor in Hiroshima to make you discover the city, its historical heritage and its region.

His/Her background

Alexis worked for four years in a real estate agency specializing in seasonal rental furnished, based in Paris.

This experience gave him the chance to meet many people from various countries (mostly from North America, Latin America, Oceania and Japan) and developed a growing idea of travel.

He jumps and opts to leave, on a whim, in Oceania for a year. After an eventful year in Australia, Alexis decides to go to live in a country whose culture and way of life are of particular interest to him: Japan.

His/Her advice for you

Must-see :

The Peace Park, Atomic Bomb Dome and Miyajima obviously, but Hiroshima Castle and Shukkei-en Garden are beautiful and vastly different in every season.  

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To bring back with you :

Any Hiroshima Carp (the local baseball team) related product is a MUST! If you’re looking for food and/or drink, a box of momiji manju cakes or some local sake from Saijo, in Higashihiroshima is also highly recommended. 

Things to do :

Besides the city of Hiroshima, don't forget there’s also the option of a day-trip to Saijo to sample the local sake, or further afield to the beautiful port city of Onomichi.  

Words to Know :

“Bari umai!” which is the Hiroshima-ben or Hiroshima dialect way of saying “delicious!”
Use it while you’re out eating or drinking and locals will not only be impressed but will love you for life.  

Dishes to Try :

You cannot come to Hiroshima and not try Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki. Basically it’s a ‘pancake’ cooked on a hotplate, containing egg, meat and/or seafood with lots of vegetables and the secret ingredient, noodles (soba or udon). Unlike Osaka-style okonomiyaki, which mixes the ingredients together, in Hiroshima they are layered. Rivalry is fierce between the two cities as to which is best… but the answer is obvious: HIROSHIMA!

In both Hiroshima and on Miyajima you can find momiji manju, a maple-leaf shaped cake, traditionally filled with sweet red bean paste. For something out-of-this-world though, try the deep-fried version on Miyajima.  

Traps to avoid :

Don’t think that just because you’ve been to the Peace Park and visited Miyajima you’ve experienced everything Hiroshima has to offer. There’s Hiroshima Castle, Shukkei-en Garden, the newly opened Orizuru Tower, the Peace Pagoda on top of Mt. Futuba and Mitaki Temple to name just a few attractions.

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