Daniel Auguste

Daniel, Travel Angel, Japan Experience


A man from Toulouse in Kyoto, before being a Frenchman in Japan. He may not have lost his accent despite having spent 5 years in Kyoto, he has taken care on the other hand to adopt this city's customs which seems to fit him like a glove. Ceremonies as a family (or with the in-laws) on major religious holidays, diligent participation at the Nintendo company football club. Daniel has found the key to successful integration, which he will be pleased to tell you about on your next trip.

His/Her background

After a quick spell at the SNCF, he indulged several passions (music festival, radio presenter) before devoting himself to studying Japanese, in order to be able to go and live and work in Japan:

  • in 2002: first trip to Japan for 2 months
  • in 2004: second trip, linguistic, with a family close to Osaka
  • in 2007: university year at Kyoto Ritsumeikan; specialism: "Japanese Literature and Civilisation"
  • in 2008: Travel Angel for Japan Experience in Kyoto 

His/Her advice for you

Must-see :

Daimon-ji, famous mountain situated in the North-east of the city that it is recognised by its sign 大 drawn onto its side. After 40 minutes of climbing you can enjoy a superb view of Kyoto and its mountains.

To bring back with you :

For the more superstitious of our passengers, an "Omamori" lucky charm. Why not that of the small sanctuary hidden behind the national museum, the Toyokuni Jinja. These miniature, gilded straw shoes, will protect travellers throughout their trip since they are specifically intended to protect adventurers.

Things to do :

A natural act for the Japanese: to go to the onsen, public baths. After a long day visiting sites, there's nothing better to recharge your batteries and start the next day more beautiful.

Words to Know :

Omakase, (pronounced O-ma-ka-say,) which means "I trust your judgement". To be used in a restaurant with staff when the menu is written in Japanese. The cook will then prepare his dish of the day or whatever made his restaurant famous for you.

Dishes to Try :

For lovers of delicacies, in the pastry department in the basement of a large store (Isetan or Takashimaya), ask for ichigo daifuku, juicy strawberries coated with sugared rice paste. What joy!
Something that reconciles children and adult gourmets with Japan.

Traps to avoid :

Go cycling, yes, but avoid the city centre at all costs with its narrow alleys, large crowds and sometimes risk of being impounded if bikes are not parked well...