Kodo Miura


After spending 14 years in Berlin and Prague, Kodo is freshly back in his hometown Kyoto again.

During the time living in Berlin and Prague stretching over a decade, he has never forgot his hometown as the roots of his cultural identity. Every time he was back in Kyoto, he tried to discover his hometown from the very multi-cultural perspectives which he won during his life in Central Europe.

Last year when he decided to leave Berlin, he did immediately make a decision to go back to Kyoto again as the next station of his life.

Now he is quite eager to represent our guest Kyoto's "Now" from his home grown cultural perspective mixed with his multicultural experiences gained from his earlier life in Central Europe. That is what he'd really love to share with you.

His/Her background

In his high school days he developed his big curiosity about history and culture on Kyoto and the area around. The enthusiasms for exploring the cultural and natural heritage in Japan motivated him to travel around all over Japan already in his whole school days.
After the graduation from his high school, he went to study Russian literature and culture at Tokyo university of foreign studies. Immediately after the graduation from the his first studies, he decided to go to Berlin to study Aesthetic Theory at the Humboldt University of Berlin, but his interest shifted little by little to explore Central European cultures, mainly Czech. After starting his academic carrier, he moved to Prague to concentrate on his research-project on European Roma and spend finally 2 years there.

His/Her advice for you

Must-see :

Nishijin-area : This workers borough located in the north-western part of Kyoto's centre is nowadays still famous for traditional textil industry and some another handcraft and also exactly his home area, where he spend most of his time in Japan. Recently the scene of the local youth culture has developed remarkably in this downtown area by representing new cultural locations, gallery, café etc. so that this new cultural vibe will hopefully attract more attention and young people from the different corners of the world. But the area still keeps old downtown townscape and atmosphere being harmonized very well with such a new cultural scene, which reminds him somehow of the downtowns of Berlin and Prague where he used to live.

Words to Know :

"Ôkini!" It's a widely used word in Kansai area and means "Thanks!". Why not speaking this word in order to get closer to the Kansai locals?

Dishes to Try :

Don't miss Ramen in Kyoto: This is the most unbeatable soul food of Kyoto. And Kyoto has been proud of its own Coffee culture since long time. One of the representative of this Coffee culture is Inoda-Coffee. It's worth to try its coffee and visit the flagship Café in Sanjo-Street. Of course, there are a bunch of small but fine Café offering great coffee and sweets which i'd love to introduce you.

Traps to avoid :

The public transportation in Kyoto is not so much reliable on schedule and misses the good network structure in comparison with the international standard. For the good ecological alternative: Get a bike and go around by it! I believe that Kyoto is one of the most bike friendly cities in Japan. The explore by bike will provide you totally different perspective on Kyoto and makes you much closer to the local.
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