Sayoko Tsutsumi

Sayoko, Travel Angel, Japan Experience


Young grandmother, her family obligations prohibit her from leaving Kyoto for too long and the activity of Travel Angel is a bit like a trip by proxy for her. A perfect housewife coupled with the very fine culture in Kansaï.

His/Her background

Taking her role of mother and then grand-mother to heart, Sayoko regularly worked in a French-speaking environment in Kyoto; first at the French department of the University of Kyoto, then at the Franco-Japanese Institute in Kansai, and, finally Japan Experience which she joined during the launch in 2006.

His/Her advice for you

Must-see :

The Shoho-ji temple at sunset, north of Kiyomizu-Dera 

To bring back with you :

The zori, the famous sandals made from tatami straw. 

Things to do :

Participate in a tea ceremony, unique in Kyoto. 

Words to Know :

Ohkini, meaning "thank you" in Kyoto dialect

Dishes to Try :

Yuba, an original variation of Tofu, that is enjoyed with broth and soya sauce.

Traps to avoid :

Confusing a fake "maiko" who is only there to take photos with tourists.


"Thank you Sayoko for welcoming us, and recommending Omen to us... That was a great welcoming meal on our first day in Kyoto :)"

The M. Family 

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