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house Tomarigi

Spacious comfort near the geisha districts


Tomarigi house is a spacious and comfortable Kanazawa machiya located less than a 5 minute walk to the famous Higashi Chaya geisha district. The house was an old restaurant, and the large bar counter gives the house a unique and nice atmosphere. The house has lots of space for a group of up to 7 people to comfortably relax and spend time together, but also cozy enough for smaller groups.

The ground floor has a bar style kitchen, a heated kotatsu (traditional Japanese table), a large living room, 2 sofas, a restroom, and a small Japanese rock garden. Upstairs has two separate bedrooms, one with two single beds and one with futons. Upstairs also has a shower and bath, another restroom, and a washing machine with a dryer.

The Higashi Chaya tea district area is a place where you can experience the Japan of old. The traditional architecture, quiet streets, and the beautiful Asanogawa river make this area a truly special place to visit. Kenroku-en garden, Kanazawa Castle, and Omicho Market are all close as well. Tomarigi house is located on the main road right next to two bus stops, has free parking for those traveling by car, and is a great place to spend your time in Kanazawa.

Rent your own traditional machiya, and experience a truly relaxing time in Kanazawa. We look forward to having you.

Our opinion

The word “tomarigi” in Japanese is either a tree or a small piece of wood that birds use to rest outside of a bird house, but it is also the small wooden bar where you rest your feet when sitting on a high stool at the counter of a restaurant. There could not be a more poetic and accurate way to describe this house made of wood, which used to be a restaurant, and is today a perfect place to stay, relax and enjoy Kanazawa.

Floor Plan & Amenities

House plans Tomarigi
  • Refrigerator (with freezer)
  • IH stove (2 burners)
  • Microwave
  • Toaster
  • Electric Kettle
  • Hair dryer
  • Washing machine and dryer
  • Air conditioning and heat
  • Wifi
  • 5 single futons
  • 2 single beds
  • Free parking space



Bus: From Kanazawa station, a 10 minute bus ride and a 2 minute walk from the closest bus stop (a detailed access map is provided with the booking)

Taxi: From Kanazawa station, a 10 minute taxi ride, approximately 1300 yen ($11,50 / £9,50) from Kanazawa station


Latest review

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Not rated
Sep 2019

The house is beautiful and in a location that's an easy walk to main tourist areas and the train station. Cedric was also extremely helpful in recommending restaurants and helping us make reservations. 

Aug 2019

Une maison très bien équipée avec le charme unique d’un izakaya réaménagé. Belle literie et chambres (washitsu et western) agréables. Le suivi de l’équipe propriétaire est de qualité : réactive et de bon conseil. 

Jackie A.
Aug 2019

Tomarigi house was the best we stayed in. It is spacious and calm and we all enjoyed the ex-restaurant vibe. Our host was very helpful and we made use of his recommendations. It was very hot during our stay so having buses on the doorstep was an advantage

Jun 2019

A very clean, spacious and well-equipped accomodation. A nice mix of Western and Japanese architecture. Easily accessible by public transportation, coupled with the host outstanding hospitality makes this an excellent choice. We thoroughly enjoyed our stayed in Kanazawa. Really appreciate the comprehensive map provided and the sharing of places of interest in Kanazawa. We had fun exploring Kanazawa. Kindly help us convey our thanks to the host of Tomagiri House, Chris, Valentine and Cedric for making our stay a pleasant and memorable one. Thank you very much once again.  Highly recommend! Thank you.

May 2019

It was our first time in Kanazawa. As recommanded by our travel angel, the higashi chaya district was incredibly beautiful at night. It is completely different during day time. It's very close from the house so I would recommand it to my friends.

Apr 2019

So nice to have the house all by ourselves ! I will always remember our time in Kanazawa and the everyone's smiles. We had fun until late at night, which is kind of the whole point of having like a rental house, so it was a great trip ! 

Apr 2019

It was a long time since we had not been to Kanazawa. We went by car from Aichi. It was a big help that the house had a parking because every parking is full during golden week. We had a great and stress-free time in Kanazawa. 

Apr 2019

Even though we are a family of 7, we were able to relax in this house and I am very satisfied. The smell of tatamis made me sleep like a baby^^. The higashi chaya district but also Omicho market and the kenroku-en garden are all very close so we were able to enjoy Kanazawa to the fullest.

Apr 2019

All 6 of us (collegues at the same company) stayed at Tomarigi. We had a great evening, after dinner at the big counter of the kitchen.There are plenty of glasses and plates so it was very convenient.

Apr 2019

Family of 7 with grand-parents, the house was very practical because the bus stop was very close. We especially liked the enormous living room.

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house Tomarigi

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