Neighborhoods Takayama


Takayama is a small city at the base of the Japanese Alps where many aspects of traditional Japan still remain. The city’s well-known Old Town has beautiful architecture, old wooden houses, crafts, shops, delicious food and local sake. This region is also commonly referred to as Hida Takayama, and its famous “Hida beef” is best right here in Takayama.

Woodworking has flourished in Takayama thanks to its skilled carpenters, and the local lacquerware is also very high quality. The Takayama Festival, held in spring and fall, is considered one of Japan’s best. Shirakawa-go, Gokayama, The Alpine Route in Kurobe, Hirayu Onsen, Kanazawa city and Nagoya are all also within a just a few hours of Takayama.

The old-world atmosphere is certainly worth a visit as you travel through Japan, and our houses make it easy to enjoy the Hida Takayama region.  


Compact, traditional, good food, famous wagyu beef, mountains, onsen


Quiet nightlife, can be cold in winter.  


Craft stores, wood shops, art, quality Japanese souvenir stores, Japanese pickled vegetables.  


From Nagoya: Nonstop to Takayama on the wide view limited express train (2:30 h).
From Tokyo: Bullet train to Toyama, then transfer to Takayama on wide view limited express train (4:30 h).
From Kanazawa: Nohi bus to Takayama (2:00 h), or bullet train to Toyama, and then transfer to Takayama on wide view train (2h~3h). 


Takayama Jinja Shrine - 2 minute walk.
Nakabashi bridge : 5 minute walk
Old Town : 5 minute walk
Funasaka Sake Brewery : 6 minute walk