Jetlag in Japan   時差ぼけ

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The main advantage is that Haneda is only half an hour from Tokyo.

The main advantage is that Haneda is only half an hour from Tokyo.

A downside of long-haul flights

After a 12 hour flight, or more for flights with stopovers, it can be difficult to get your bearings in Japan. Here are our tips to fight against this condition, that affects us all differently.

If you've seen Lost in Translation, then you surely remember Scarlett Johansson and Bill Murray spending much of their stay wandering Tokyo at night, desperate for sleep. Here are a few tricks to get used to the 8 hour time difference. 


A flight to Japan can be quite long depending on where you are travelling from. Take advantage of this time to rest as much as possible. And if you're not one of the lucky ones who can manage to fall asleep easily on a plane, do your best to relax. Remember to wear comfortable clothes and earplugs, but also warm socks if you want to take your shoes off. Avoid drinking alcohol during the flight.

Upon arrival 

Welcome to Japan! Even if you are very tired, try not to lie down and sleep immediately. Sit back, take a shower and have a snack or light meal. Drink plenty of water to fight against dehydration from your time in the aircraft. Ideally it is best to hold back until early evening to go to bed, but if you can't, allow yourself a nap for an hour or two, provided you have an alarm clock so you do not oversleep.

Organise your schedule  

If possible, don't plan too many activities in your first two days, and take the opportunity to do activities that do not require too much effort or concentration, such as walks through the city.

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