Love exposure   愛のむきだし

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The poster for Sion Sono Love Exposure (2008)

The poster for Love Exposure of Sono Sion (2008).

Love exposure (2008)

By Sion Sono (1961 - ... ). The evolution of the family is one of the most present subjects in Japanese cinema. Love Exposure is no exception to this rule through the deconstructed vision of its director. To do so, it lasts four hours and has three plots to create a masterpiece breaking one by one the taboos of Japanese society.

First of all, Sion Sono tells the story of Yu Honda, a teenager fascinated by the Virgin Mary since the death of his mother. He lives with his father, a Christian priest who constantly pushes him to confess his sins. While this spiritual weight tips the teenager into tosatsu (taking photos under girls' skirts), the patriarch marries Yoko's beautiful stepmother. Yoko is the same age as Yu and is as strong as fragile, and hates men. Finally, Aya, a dangerous manipulator devoted to her sect, has decided to release her anger on this reconstructed family.

Between religion, adolescent rebellion, conception of love and misunderstanding, Sion Sono offers a film that is crazy and well paced, making viewers forget that it is four hours long. 

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