The cherry blossoms through art   芸術で楽しむお花見

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Chiyoda Great Interior Flower Viewing

Ukiyo-e by Toyohara Chikanobu, 1894

Prayer of Japan(Cherry blossoms)

Impressionistic painting by Reiji Hiramatsu, 2012

Sakura Cherry

Ink drawing shows branch with leaves and cherry blossoms.

Cherry Blossom Kimono

Representation of cherry blossoms on textile.

Sweet Bean by Naomi Kawase

Film poster

Hanami on canvas: the most beautiful works through centuries

With the arrival of spring, the streets, gardens and mountains of Japan welcome the cherry blossoms and the whole archipelago is covered in pink for a few days, a few weeks. The ephemeral beauty of these flowers and their blossoming have been immortalized by Japanese artists for centuries and continue to inspire people around the world today. 

Discover cherry blossoms from a unique angle: works on canvas, cinema, photography… appreciate the arrival of spring in all its forms.

Sakura in ukiyo-e

The representation of cherry blossoms is widely found in Japanese printmaking. The term "ukiyo-e", meaning "image of the floating world", refers to the impermanence of things. The blossoming of cherry trees, a magical moment that lasts only for a short amount of time, is one of the favorite subjects of the great Japanese masters, including Hiroshige, who has dedicated many works to it.

Kiyomidzu (Cherry-Blossom at Kiyomidzu Temple)

Ukiyo-e d'Utagawa Hiroshige, 1835

Evening Cherry Blossoms at Gotenyama

Ukiyo-e by Utagawa Hiroshige, 1831

Yoshiwara sakura no zu

Cherry trees at Yoshiwara

Flower performance

Ukiyo-e diptych showing richly-dressed man, two children, and two women in a richly-appointed interior.

Under the Cherry Blossoms

Ukiyo-e by Kunisada, 1852

Somegawa of the Matsubaya

Ukiyo-e by Kikugawa Eizan, 1814-17

Yamato hasedera

Hasedera temple in the Yamato Province, Utagawa Hiroshige, 1859

Admire the cherry trees in painting...

Hanami is also admired in other forms. Both in scroll painting, ink illustration and many other media... discover our selection of sakura on canvas!

Kawaguchi Lake

View of Mount Fuji from Kawaguchi lake.

Scroll painting

Cherry Blossom

Cherry Blossom Viewing, Scroll Painting by Kitagawa Utamaro, 1793

Poetry contest on forty-two themes

Handscroll painting painted by Anonymous, formerly attributed to Mitsunobu Tosa. Ink and colour on paper.

Painting on Kakemono (Hanging scroll)

Waxwings, Cherry Blossoms, and Bamboo

Hanging scroll; ink and color on silk, painted by Kiyohara Yukinobu, in the late 17th century

Hanging scroll painting, painted by Sumiyoshi Hirotsura, Edo Period

Ink drawing

Sakura Cherry

Ink drawing shows branch with leaves and cherry blossoms.

Painting on Folding screen

Cherry-Blossom and Maple-Leaf Viewing

Pair of six-panel folding screens; ink, color, and gold on gilded paper, 1630s



Binjinga, 2013

... in photography...

Photography allows us to capture this ephemeral moment that announces the arrival of spring.  Professionals or amateurs, we are all looking for the most beautiful picture that will immortalize this magical moment, like out of time.

Hanami in Tokyo

Cherry Blossoms under the Tokyo Sky Tree.

Lake Kawaguchiko Sakura Mont Fuji

Mt Fuji and cherry blossoms seen from Kawaguchiko


Cherry blossoms in Tokyo

Rikugien under the sakura

Rikugien under the sakura

Cherry blossom Kimono

Kimono decorated with illustrations of flowers and birds.

... in textile...

The beauty of cherry blossoms can not only be seen, but also worn. Textile art is very important in Japan and these traditional clothes, as sumptuous as they are, are still worn today on special occasions such as the Seijin Shiki, the coming of age ceremony.

Discover with us sumptuous kimonos decorated with these bright spring colors! And maybe you will be tempted by a fitting session during your next trip to Japan? music...

Truly celebrated in all forms, discover below the Hanami in song! This traditional music, below, comes from the Edo period (1603-1868) and has crossed the ages to pass on us this unshakeable love that the Japanese have for their dear cherry blossoms. movies and books...

Discover or rediscover Sweet Bean, on paper, by reading Durian Sukegawa's novel or in its film adaptation, directed by Naomi Kawase and critically acclaimed internationally.

Sweet Bean by Naomi Kawase

Film poster

... in digital art... 

Discover the participative work: "Sakura Bombing Home" created by teamLab, a group of multi-disciplinary artists founded in Tokyo in 2001.

From March 10 to April 30, teamLab offers us the opportunity to take part in an interactive project open to artists, beginners and experienced, from around the world. So grab your pencils or your smartphone and draw your Sakura

... and let's end in poetry!

This natural and ephemeral phenomenon of Hanami is also a source of inspiration for poets. The theme of cherry trees and their blossoming can be found in the haïku of the greatest masters. Here is an example:

- 我病んで桜に思ふ事多し -

In my illness

Cherry blossoms fill me

With thoughts!

Masaoka Shiki, 1898 | 正岡子規 明治31年

From: Cherry Blossom Epiphany: The Poetry and Philosophy of a Flowering Tree, de Robin D.Gill.

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