Going to Japan in summer: coping with heat and humidity   夏の対策

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All distributors offer a wide selection of drinks.

All distributors offer a wide selection of drinks.


Kakigori with green tea.

Beat the Heat

Hot and humid, the Japanese summer can quickly become stifling! Yet solutions exist. Here is how to prepare for the Japanese summer!

Dress light 

With temperatures frequently reaching around 35 degrees, it goes without saying that light clothing is needed in Japan in summer. To cope with the humidity, choose preferably loose and airy clothes as you will perspire!

With a cardigan

Despite this, always have a long-sleeved cardigan or sweatshirt in your bag to cover up when you go inside buildings, trains or taxis, as the air conditioning is sometimes taken to the extreme, to the point of causing a heat shock, which is a source of summer colds!

Hydrate frequently

Do not underestimate the heat of the sun in Japan! Despite the ambient humidity, regular hydration is required because the body perspires. Fortunately vending machines abound in Japan, both in towns and in the countryside. So no need to take liters of water with you every morning!

Get a Japanese fan

These free fans, usually handed out as a form of advertisement, are great to help you cool off during the hot Japanese summer. They are often distributed at station or store exits. Convenient and efficient to cool down while walking in the streets!

Apply a cold towel on the nape of the neck

This technique consists in wetting a hand towel, the o-shibori kind distributed in Japanese restaurants, wrap it around an ice pack before applying it on the nape of the neck in order to protect you from the effects of the sun and peaks in temperature.

Eat Kakigori

Crushed ice drizzled with fruit syrup, Kakigori are much more copious and refreshing than western ice cream. They can lower the body's internal temperature. Ideal for a refreshing break!

Air Conditioning & Fans

To make the hot summer nights bearable, there is a combination that has proven itself: air conditioning combined with an extra fan. This allows you to set the air conditioning at a reasonable temperature while blowing the surrounding air effectivelyMuch more effective and healthy than putting the air conditioning on full blast!

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